Adapted Physical Education

 Add-on certification must be added to a valid Louisiana teaching certificate.

 Coursework Requirements

Southeastern Course Used Louisiana State Department Category
KIN 321 or 612 Motor Development & Learning
SPED 200 or 600 Introduction to the Exceptional Child

KIN 431 or EDUC 407 or MAT 630

Tests & Measurements
KIN 491 or 591 Introduction to Physical Education with Handicapped Individuals
KIN 492 or 592 Behavior and Educational Impairment and PE
KIN 493 or 593 Chronic Disability and PE
KIN 494 or 594 Physical Education Curriculum for Handicapped Children


Additional Louisiana State Department of Education Certification Requirements:

  • Prior Louisiana certification for Physical Education

Upon completing all requirements, the teacher's district will send an Evaluation, Add-On, Course Approval & Name Change Application (Application Type - EV) and any other documents (e.g., transcripts) to the Louisiana State Department of Education to add the new area to the existing teaching certificate.