Educational Diagnostician

 Add-on certification must be added to a valid Louisiana teaching certificate.

Coursework Requirements

Southeastern Course Used Louisiana State Department Category

 EDUC 657 (elementary) or 658 (secondary)

EDUC 661

Diagnosis of Reading Problems

(6 semester hours)

EDUC 664   Foundations of Reading*

 SPED 686

 Applied Learning Theory
SPED 612  Behavioral Intervention Strategies, including systematic, behavioral assessment.
SPED 613   Consulting Teacher Strategies
 SPED 614 Precision Assessment & Diagnostic/Prescriptive Strategies 
 SPED 708 (SPED 608 will also meet this requirement) Test Theory 
SPED 710  Educational Diagnosis 
SPED 716 Supervised Internship

*  Needed for Secondary or All-Level prepared teachers. Elementary prepared teachers do not need this class.

Additional Louisiana State Department of Education Certification Requirements:

  • An advanced degree in education earned from an accredited university/college
  • Prior Louisiana certification for an area of special education
  • At least one year of experience teaching in the area of special education

Upon completing all requirements, the teacher's district will send an Evaluation, Add-On, Course Approval & Name Change Application (Application Type - EV) and any other documents (e.g., transcripts) to the Louisiana State Department of Education to add the new area to the existing teaching certificate.