Middle School (Grades 4-8) Specialty Area Add-On

for English, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies

The chart below identifies requirements to be completed in order to add-on a certification level and/or a certification area within levels to an existing valid teaching certificate.


Middle School Specialty Area Add-On (Endorsement)

English, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies



  • For individual holding a valid early childhood certificate (PK-K, PK-3)elementary certificate (e.g., 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-8) upper elementary or middle school certificate(e.g., 4-8, 5-8, 6-8), secondary certificate (e.g., 6-12, 7-12, 9-12)special educationcertificate, oran all level K-12 certificate (art, dance, foreign language, health, PE,H&PE, music)




  1. Achieve passing PRAXIS score for Middle School Specialty Area Exam in the content area


    accumulate 30 credit hours in the specialty content area
  2. Achieve passing score for PRAXIS Principles of Learning and Teaching 5-9 exam

  3. Accumulate 6 semester hours of reading

NOTE: Add-on (endorsement certifications not identified in this proposed policy will continue to follow requirements currently in place in Bulletin 746.


Endorsement (Add-on) Policy, October 2003 (Revised December 2003, June 2004, October 2006)