Reading Specialist


Post Baccalaureate Certificate Eligible

The applicant must hold a valid Type A, A*, B, B*, Level 3, Level 3*, Level 2, or Level 2* Louisiana teaching certificate.

The applicant must hold a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Three years of experience in the licensed or certified field.

Included in or beyond the advanced degree of study must include the first 12 graduate hours of course work in reading education listed below.  


Southeastern Course

State Requirements


EDUC 657 or 677

Foundations or survey of reading instructions



EDUC 661 or 678

Diagnosis and correction of reading difficulties including a testing/tutorial practicum under the supervision of qualified personnel.

(EDUC 665 is the elementary practicum, EDUC 666 is the middle/high school practicum)







EDUC 665 or EDUC 666

EDUC 664

Reading in the content areas.



NOTE: Reading Specialist certification will be valid for teaching and/or supervision of reading in grades 1-12.

If you have completed the 12 semester hours as listed above and wish to receive a formal evaluation for the purpose of obtaining additional certification, you must send your official transcript(s) with a completed Change-of-Action Packet to the Louisiana Department of Education, Division of Teacher Certification and Higher Education. If you have any questions concerning this procedure, you may call 1-877-453-2721.