School Librarian

Add-on certification must be added to a valid Louisiana teaching certificate.

 Coursework Requirements

Southeastern Course Used Louisiana State Department Category
LSA 405/505

Elementary/Secondary Library Materials

(9 semester hours)

LSA 610 or LSED 401/501 or LSED 402/502

LSA 610 or LSED 401/501 or LSED 402/502
LSA 403/503 Organization/Administration of a School Library (6 semester hours)
LSA 404/504
LSA 580 School Librarian Practicum*

*May be replaced with three years of successful experience as a school librarian.

Upon completing all requirements, the teacher's district will send an Evaluation, Add-On, Course Approval & Name Change Application (Application Type - EV) and any other documents (e.g., transcripts) to the Louisiana State Department of Education to add the new area to the existing teaching certificate.