Significant Disabilities

Add-on Certification K-12 in Severe/Profound Disabilities

Previous Certification
  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary Certification
  • Upper Elementary or Middle School
  • Secondary School
  • All Level K-12
  • Special Education
Praxis Exam

Achieve a passing score for PRAXIS Education of Exceptional Students: Severe to Profound Disabilities (0544) & Education of Exceptional Children: Core Content Knowledge (0353) if completed prior to 12/31/10. After 1/1/11 Special Education: Core Knowledge and Severe to Profound Applications (0545)

SPED 696



Complete 3 credit hours of Internship (SPED 696) of students with significant disabilities OR 3 years of successful teaching experience of student with significant disabilities.


Course Requirements

21 credit hours that pertain to children with significant disabilities

Course Number Course Requirement
SPED 608 Assessment and Evaluation
SPED 603 Curriculum Development, modification, and transition planning
SPED 612 Behavior Support
SPED 649 Instructional Strategies
SPED 670 Communication
SPED 767 Collaborative techniques and family partnerships
SPED 650 Characteristics of students with significant disabilities, physical support, health and safety