Student Research

The SURE (Supervised Undergraduate Research Experience) program provides the opportunity for upper-division majors in the College of Education to engage in collaborative research with outstanding faculty in the disciplines of Education, Social Work, or Family Consumer Sciences.



  • Have earned at least 60 credit hours

  • Have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average

  • Be enrolled in one of the following courses:

    • FCS 442/542 (for FCS majors)

    • SW 400, 402, or 495 (for SW majors)

    • any 300 or 400 level course in ECE, EDUC, or EPSY


Application Process

SURE application forms are available either from the office of the Dean or Department Heads in the College or on College and departmental websites. Applications must be submitted no later than November 15th for research to occur in the Spring semester and August 1st for research to occur during the Fall semester. Applications for academic year research (Fall/Spring semesters) must be submitted by August 1st. Students will apply in conjunction with a faculty sponsor, whose signature and brief endorsement must be on the application form. Completed applications will be reviewed by a committee of faculty appointed by the Dean of the COE.



SURE awards will range from one-hundred to three-hundred dollars and may be spent for materials, supplies, copying, and approved field travel. Applicants will provide a proposed budget on the application form. AllState and University regulations and deadlines will apply to purchasing, travel, and other expenditures. Funds will be provided by the Dean's office using Academic Enhancement funds.


Program Recognition

SURE students will be recognized at the COE Honors Convocation, and their findings will be published on the COE webpage. They will also be encouraged to submit their research to a professional conference and to present with their faculty sponsors.



August 1st for Fall Semester Research or Academic Year Research

November 15th for Spring Semester Research



Contact Information

Dr. Colleen Klein-Ezell 
TEC 2004-A  
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Hammond, Louisiana 70402 

549-2221 Office
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