Student Research

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences encourages research activities among its undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, to benefit the health and wellness of individuals, groups, and communities. Among other research efforts, the college oversees the Center for Nursing Research in Education and Practice and the faculty-led Interprofessional Collaborative Research Committee.

Center for Nursing Research in Education and Practice (CNREP)

CNREP facilitates collaborative intervention research among investigators in nursing and health-related disciplines to improve patient-centered care and health outcomes and to enhance the health-related quality of life for individuals, families and communities. 

Louisiana Delta Health Coach (LDHC)

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences formed a consortium with North Oaks Health System, the Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation and the Livingston Economic Development Council to improve the health outcomes of the community. The LDHC program will train health coaches to provide a holistic approach to patient care through health education and services to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for each participant.

Marketing Health Behaviors Among Vietnamese Shrimp Fishermen (U.S. Department of Agriculture Grant)

Research is being performed by two undergraduate students and one graduate student to create an education/translation demonstration project that designs, measures and tests the implementation of a multi-mode intervention aimed at reducing death and injury rates in Vietnamese shrimp fishermen in Louisiana.

Faculty Research

The Interprofessional Collaborative Research Committee

This committee is comprised of dedicated faculty who have led research across the health sciences disciplines.

Dr. Robert Kraemer, Professor, Exercise Physiology

Dr. Kraemer was awarded the 2005-2006 President's Award for Excellence in Research for his outstanding research and work in the Exercise Physiology Lab. Dr. Kraemer's research focuses on how exercise can be used to prevent disease in people and rehabilitate them following illness or injury. A member of the Southeastern faculty since 1991, he immediately pursued the development of the modern exercise physiology lab, which he coordinates for research projects conducted by undergraduate and graduate students as well as other faculty.

Dr. Laurie Kinchen, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Dr. Kinchen is a pediatric nurse practitioner with concentration in maternal child health. A member of the Southeastern faculty since 2009, she immediately pursued development of innovative pediatric clinical opportunities and research. Dr. Kinchen's research focuses on prevention of childhood obesity and prevention of vascular complications related to pregnancy through early diagnosis and treatment. Her work includes the development of an obesity diagnostic tool utilized in numerous outpatient pediatric facilities to enhance the health of children.