Computer Science

With 500+ students and the enrollment that has more than doubled over the past decade, Southeastern's highly-regarded Computer Science and Information Technology programs are recognized as a leader among and one of the state's fastest-growing computing and information technology programs.

The Department of Computer Science is committed to preparing our students to be nationally competitive both in the workforce and in graduate studies. We focus on providing students with the skills and experience to prepare them for a career in technology. Our graduates have one of the highest starting salary in the State of Louisiana with an average of over $52,000 a year.



  • Our Computer Science degree has concentrations with an emphasis on scientific, applied, and business.
  • Data Science concentration will be offered starting in Fall 2020.
  • MS in Data Science will be offered as a new discipline of study in ISAT in Fall 2020.
  • 2,000 IT jobs from private-public partnerships for our graduates.
  • Graduates have an average starting salary of over $52,000.
  • Offers a Masters Degree in Integrated Science and Technology with computer science and information technology concentrations.
  • Provides opportunities to connect with faculty for undergraduate research.




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