Drawing 311 Value Study
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The Drawing course sequence introduces students to a wide range of traditional and contemporary practices in studio art. Pictorial concerns addressing form, spatial conventions, and composition are taught in conjunction with contemporary issues such as, invented worlds, the human figure as a means to explore content, and experimental approaches to materials and process. The Drawing area is part of the core foundations program as well as an avenue for advanced study in Studio Art. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Art degree in Visual Art with Drawing as their focus, either as an area of emphasis, or as part of the combined concentration in Painting & Drawing.

Drawing 411 Senior Projects. Elements Installation  

Drawing shares its concentration with Painting in order to broaden students' understanding of the rich exchange of approaches between the two mediums. Together with Painting, the Drawing area offers a significant amount of advanced coursework in order to provide students with a variety of processes, techniques and perspectives, both conceptual and formal. Facilities include well-lighted studios and a comprehensive digital lab. Indoor project spaces are dedicated to installation, performance, or other exhibition use as needed.