Budgeting Workshop

"Southeastern has far exceeded my expectations. The level of instruction is geared towards professionals who have practical experience. Each person's knowledge base is brought into the classroom and expanded upon. I feel confident that Southeastern has afforded me an education based on sound academic principles and real world analysis."

M. W., Director of Pharmaceutical Services
Lakeview Regional Medical Center


"The curriculum, while very challenging, is designed and presented to accommodate students who have positions of responsibility within their respective companies."

M. V., Regional Director
BellSouth Telecommunications
New Orleans

"I enjoy the enthusiasm that the group brings to every class. Nobody is going through the motions.Class There are no titles in the room. We are all students with varying skills and experience. A member of your study group might grasp a topic better than the others one time and ask for assistance the next. Other times, the entire group might struggle through together. Sure beats going it alone. The instructors have been very accommodating and flexible in helping us balance our academic, personal, and professional responsibilities.
I personally look forward to Saturdays. The interaction with the instructors and students, the approaches to the course work, and overall atmosphere really encourage learning. The real-life experiences that are discussed and the variety of perspectives are very enlightening. This is one of the best moves I've ever made, and it came at a perfect time in my career."

C. B., Partnership Executive
Shared Medical Systems

"The EMBA program gives us the ability to maintain a full-time career while furthering our education. The experienced teachers, location, and peer interaction provide a wonderful learning environment. The other students are all professionals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom."

C. W., Divisional Director - Home Health
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Baton Rouge

"Southeastern's Executive MBA program has been a wonderful experience. The program is flexible and thorough, and the instructors are phenomenal. The EMBA program has contributed to growth in my current employment and will most certainly enhance my future opportunities. I would strongly recommend it."

N. M., Senior Vice President
Louisiana Realtors
Baton Rouge

"Southeastern has the best combination of quality, price, location, and flexibility. It has already advanced my career and I know it will open more opportunities in the future."

S. H., IT Deputy Director
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Baton Rouge

"I had learned a great deal after 20 years in management, but had little time to pursue an advanced degree. I value the knowledge I have gained from both the instruction and the relevant class discussion with peers having years of experience and wisdom."

L. L., Director of Information Technology
Louisiana Technical College
Baton Rouge

"The Executive MBA program has been a great experience. It has helped me to formalize my Budgeting Workshopunderstanding of business administration concepts and to develop a cohesive set of applicable knowledge. The instructors have a genuine interest in student education and apply classroom instruction to real-world situations. I highly recommend this program."

C. Y., Professional Engineer
Montgomery Watson Harza
Baton Rouge

"In a true business cost analysis, Southeastern's EMBA program wins hands down. The knowledge I have gained has opened new doors for my future. My Southeastern professors have given me the confidence I need to succeed. I highly endorse the EMBA program at Southeastern and would suggest it to any professional with the desire for success."

G. W., Director of Operations
Louisiana Technology Group
New Orleans

"Highly trained professors focusing on real world applications professionally deliver the Southeastern EMBA program. This experience has exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Southeastern, for providing me with a challenging and rewarding program."

T. B.
BellSouth Telecommunications

"I have found Southeastern's Executive MBA program to be a challenging and rewarding mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application. I have benefited from both the instruction of the professors and the interaction with my classmates. Southeastern's EMBA program is an excellent value and well worth the effort."

C. D., E-Business Manager
Gilsbar, Inc.

"The instructors are great; they are knowledgeable and obviously interested in our success. The facility and the case study forum are excellent. What I enjoy most is hearing real-life experiences from the other members of the class--their successes as well as their issues. It makes us all think of practical applications for everything we are learning."

M. M.
Freelance Public Relations

"The wealth of actual business experience strengthens the regular coursework and provides a beneficial understanding of new concepts and their applications in various real business situations."

M. B, Marketing Representative
Louisiana Gas Service Company

"Southeastern provides a challenging curriculum and balances it with caring, approachable faculty. The EMBA program is enhancing my career as a health care professional."

M. C., Administrative Director of Operations
Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center

"What a great learning experience! The interaction and group work enhances all of the activities. The program is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone."

D. Y., Vice President
Fluker Farms/Fluker Laboratories
Baton Rouge

"The experience has already had an impact on my career with a promotion to CEO."

E. O., CEO/Program Administrator
Center for Better Living
New Orleans

"The EMBA program at Southeastern is an affordable way to further my education and career while working full time. I particularly like the small class size as a mechanism for learning the concepts."

P. B.
The Sabre Group

"I have been able to take something from each class and directly apply it to current projects I have at work."

R. H., Director of Radiology
St. Tammany Parish Hospital