MBA Program




The 33 hour MBA degree program consisting of 8 core required courses and student selection of 3 electives.

Eight Core Courses (24 Hrs):

ACCT 625- Accounting for Business Decisions. 3 Credit hours. The fundamental accounting concepts and techniques that relate to planning and control are reviewed. An investigation is made of the concepts that underlie cost behavior patterns, responsibility accounting, cost allocation, and cost systems. Techniques used in budgeting, long-range planning performance measurement and break-even analysis are developed.

ECON 613- Managerial Economics. 3 Credit hours. A study of management problems from an economic point of view. Includes analyses of demand, forecasting, cost and price relationships, price decisions, risk and uncertainty, and capital investment.

FIN 653- Financial Policies. 3 Credit hours. The study of tools and techniques used in the formulation and implementation of financial policies. Specific emphasis is given to the analysis of financial statements, working capital management, valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure and leasing.

MGMT 663- Organizational Theory and Behavior. 3 Credit hours. Contributions of both formal theory of organizations and the behavioral sciences are examined as they impact upon organizational functions and processes.

MGMT 683- Business Policy and Strategy (Last 12 hours). 3 Credit hours. Prerequisite: Open to MBA candidates during the last twelve hours of the program. This is the integrative capstone course for graduate students in business and utilizes a systems perspective to analyze complex organizational issues and problems from the viewpoint of top management. The case method is used for problem identification and solution proposals.

MGMT 695- Special Topics in Management. 3 Credit hours. A seminar course focusing on selected issues in management. The content will change from semester to semester and will be announced in advance.

MRKT 673- Marketing Administration. 3 Credit hours. A study of the various problems and policy decisions required in the areas of product policies, price policies, distribution policies, and promotion policies.

OMIS 600- Statistical Methods in Business. 3 Credit hours. Statistical inference; analysis of variance; trend and curve fitting; multiple and partial correlation; application to business problems with appropriate computer applications.

Three Elective Courses (9 Hrs):

Students can select these electives from a variety of disciplines in subject areas that match their individual interests and career pursuits.


MBA Pre-requisites 

These are the three College of Business prerequisites (or their equivalents as determined by the MBA director):

  • OMIS 200- Business Statistics (or MATH 241)
    •  3 credit hours. Prerequisites: MATH 155 or 161 and CMPS 110 or MGMT 210. Collection and organization of business and economic data; descriptive statistics; measures of central tendency and dispersion; statistical inference; probability; time series; index numbers; and regression and correlation topics.
  • FIN 381- Business Finance
    •  3 credit hours. Prerequisites: Junior standing and ACCT 200. A study of organization of business firms, financial planning, funds from operation, short and intermediate loan capital, owners' equity, long-term debt, and business promotion and expansion. A Laboratory fee is required for this course.
  • ACCT 200- Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. An introduction to corporate financial accounting systems including preparing, interpreting, and using financial statements.

*Non-business undergraduate students may be able to schedule ACCT 200 and FIN 381 concurrently.

**Students must attain a grade of "C" or better on all pre-requisite coursework.