Forms and Policies

FORMS (for field trips)

5-Page Field Trip Information and Registration Form
 (Word) – this is a summary of field trip information, including scheduling options
and a Field Trip Registration page (page 5) that is filled out and sent to [email protected] to schedule a trip.

Field Trip Rules and Regulations Checklist for the Pontoon Boat (PDF)–signed by Group Representative (e.g., principal or teacher)
and brought to the Boat Captain on the day of the field trips.


Hold Harmless Waiver (PDF)–each field trip participant must sign one of these waiver forms and  bring
to the Boat Captain for boarding on the Pontoon Boat. For those younger than age 18,
a parent/legal guardian must sign.



Safety Policies and Forms


Turtle Cove Safety Manual (PDF)–explains all policies and procedures related to boating safety and use of
Turtle Cove facilities.


Monthly Checklist for Turtle Cove Boats–the Caretaker completes this checklist to ensure the legally required items are
present and in working order (e.g., life jackets, lights, registration, flares, sounding
devises, fire extinguishers, damage assessments, communication devices, trailers).


An Operator Boating Incident Report must be completed when an accident results in: loss of life or disappearance from
a vessel, an injury which requires medical treatment beyond first aid, or property
damage in excess of $500 or complete loss of the vessel. Reports in death and injury
cases must be submitted within 48 hours. Reports in other cases must be submitted
within 5 days. Reports must be submitted to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and
Fisheries (LDWF).


The Turtle Cove Boating Safety Class is based on the Louisiana Water Vessel Program (PDF). The program is part of the Louisiana Loss Prevention program, and it provides
a systematic method of screening, training, and accountability for employees and supervisors
required to assign or operate state owned/leased/hired water vessels in the scope
of their employment.


Debris Management Plan

        In compliance with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency
        Preparedness, a Debris Management Plan has been developed to facilitate the removal
        of debris in the event of any natural or man-made disaster.