Career Fair

Thursday, September 30, 2021
9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Career Fair 2021 is an annual, university-wide event held each fall semester, featuring over 150 local and national employers seeking to fill available positions within their organization.


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Career Fair 2021 allows students and alumni to:

  • Meet with various employers to find your dream job.
  • Interact with recruiters to discover new career opportunities.
  • Network with industry professionals to gain helpful job insights.
  • Make an impression: Bring your unique perspective to the table, ask great questions, and follow up with recruiters after the fair.

Who Can Attend Career Fair 2021?

All Southeastern Students and Alumni are invited to attend. However, the event is mainly intended for alumni and those students within three semesters of graduation. There is no cost for you to attend.

Why Should I Attend Career Fair 2021? 

Because often times in life "it's not what you know but who you know,"
Career Fair 2021 is an excellent opportunity for students and alumni to:

  • Identify employment opportunities

  • Expand your network

  • Learn industry information, and/or

  • Land a full-time career or internship


How should I prepare for Career Fair 2021?

Dress professionally!

This is your opportunity to make a lasting first impression on important people in major companies by Dressing for Success.
Click here to view our Career Fair 2021 dress guidelines.

Have a well-written resume. 

Separate yourself from the rest of the job hunters with an organized, well-written resume that professionally displays your education, skills and experience. Start by accessing the Resume Assistance section of the Career Services' website to develop your resume. Then, bring a hard copy of your resume to a Pre-Fair Emergency Resume Clinic and receive a quick, 10-minute review of your resume!

Prepare to ask intelligent and important questions. 

This will really knock 'em dead! Asking intelligent questions shows that you are serious about your job search, and in doing so, you will gain a tremendous amount of respect from the employer. Researching websites of employers you plan to target at Career Fair 2021 can help you develop good questions to ask. Check out these great Etiquette Tips for more info.


Does the job search end at Career Fair 2021?

NO! If you discover a company you are interested in pursuing a career with, do not assume that they will contact you. In all likelihood, they will not. Because of the number of students they interact with, employers will not be able to remember everyone and they certainly will not call all of them back.

To be successful in the job market, you must be persistent and keep yourself on the employer's mind. You must take the initiative and follow-up with those companies you are interested in. Begin with a note thanking them for talking with you at Career Fair 2021. Tell them how nice it was meeting them and how much you enjoyed discussing all of the job opportunities with their organization. Let them know you would be interested in interviewing with them. Remember, "the early bird gets the worm."


Etiquette Tips

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