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Faculty Advancement

Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

Guidelines for your interim, tenure, tenure and promotion, and promotion-only review are provided here.

The Portfolio

For a complete description of each element required in your portfolio, please visit this site.

  • Electronic Portfolio - Are you ready to ditch the 3-ring binder as the repository of your portfolio elements? The electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) provides a user-friendly vehicle for assembling and submitting your portfolio electronically.  Please visit the Center's Digital Tenure and Promotion website to learn more and to request your ePortfolio.  Watch your email for workshops designed to assist you with the process.  You can also receive one-on-one assistance by contacting us at, 985-549-5791, or through our CFE Help Request Form.

Portfolio Fair

The Center hosts a Portfolio Fair each October to assist you with assembling your portfolio. Sample portfolios are displayed, and experienced faculty are present to answer your questions and discuss issues related to teaching, research and service. 

SOT Templates (Excel Doc)

Graphs comparing your SOT scores with your  department, college and university, along with your Grade Distributions are required.  This link provides a template for you to use.