Account Deactivation

Beginning this summer, Southeastern student email accounts ( will be
deactivated after degree completion. This applies to both new graduates and those who completed
their studies in years prior. While alumni have historically been able to maintain use of their
Southeastern accounts, this change is now needed to enhance network security and maintain
compliance with federal regulations.

Deactivation of email accounts means all graduates, unless they are also a current Southeastern student
or employee, will fully loose access to everything that lives under that account, including email, contact
lists, Drive folders and documents, and calendars.

If you are about to finish your degree or are a current graduate, below are some steps you can take now
to prepare for this transition.

For more information, please see the FAQ section on this page. If you still have questions, please reach
out to the Help Desk at

How to Prepare for Deactivation

1.) Obtain an alternate email account.

You can obtain a personal Google Gmail account in order to have some of the same features that were available from your Southeastern email account. 

2.) Export your contacts to your new account.

Use these directions to transfer your contacts to another email account.

3.) Change the email account to which services are linked.

Remember to change the email account associated with any subscription services that currently direct information to your Southeastern email account. Do this for any services or websites for which password retrieval or billing is linked to your Southeastern email account.

This includes updating any accounts where your Southeastern account is used for two-factor authentication.

4.) Forward emails to your new email/gmail account.

Use the search box in your Southeastern Gmail account to search for personal messages from family and friends, emails with photos, receipts, tax documents and other email you wish to keep. These messages can be forwarded to your new email account.  Select multiple emails by checking the box to the left of the message, RIGHT-CLICK the highlighted messages and select the 'FORWARD AS ATTACHMENT' option. Enter your new email address and click Send.

5.) Download personal files from your Google Drive.

Use these directions to download files from your Google Drive.   

6.) Update your information to include your new email address.

We want to stay in touch with you! Help us stay connected by updating your information HERE



How many days after graduation does an alumni email account deactivate?

Accounts will be deactivated within one month of degree completion.

When is someone’s account deactivated if they aren’t currently taking classes but haven’t yetcompleted their degree?

Accounts for any student who hasn’t completed their degree will remain active for one calendar year.
After one year, their account will be deactivated. If the student reapplies and is readmitted to the
University after this point, their account will be reactivated.

Are accounts deactivated upon graduation or degree completion?

Some students may be permitted to walk/graduate in the spring though they do not actually complete
their degree until the summer, or they may complete their degree in the summer but not walk/graduate
until the spring.
For account deactivation purposes, the date a student actually completes their degree will be used, with
which commencement ceremony they attend having no effect.

If someone has completed a degree at Southeastern and their account has been deactivated, and thenthey return for another program of study, how does reactivation of their account work?

In general, accounts will return the same as they were upon deactivation if a graduate is readmitted to
Southeastern and reenrolls in courses, or if they accept a position at Southeastern.

What is the federal act that is requiring Southeastern to deactivate alumni email accounts?

Southeastern is making this change to be in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. More
information can be found about it here.