Account Deactivation

In preparation for account deactivation, users should do the following: 

1.) Obtain an alternate email account.

You can obtain a personal Google Gmail account in order to have some of the same features that were available from your Southeastern email account. 

2.) Export your contacts to your new account.

Use these directions to transfer your contacts to another email account.

3.) Change the email account to which services are linked.

Remember to change the email account associated with any subscription services that currently direct information to your Southeastern email account. Do this for any services or websites for which password retrieval or billing is linked to your Southeastern email account.

This includes updating any accounts where your Southeastern account is used for two-factor authentication.

4.) Forward emails to your new email/gmail account.

Use the search box in your Southeastern Gmail account to search for personal messages from family and friends, emails with photos, receipts, tax documents and other email you wish to keep. These messages can be forwarded to your new email account.  Select multiple emails by checking the box to the left of the message, RIGHT-CLICK the highlighted messages and select the 'FORWARD AS ATTACHMENT' option. Enter your new email address and click Send.

5.) Download personal files from your Google Drive.

Use these directions to download files from your Google Drive.   

6.) Update your information to include your new email address.

We want to stay in touch with you! Help us stay connected by updating your information HERE

For further assistance in preparing for account deactivation, please contact the Help Desk at