Available Documents

 All listed resources are to assist the faculty, staff, and students of Southeastern.
 These resources will provide instruction in acquiring a PeopleSoft account, information
about usage of the account, as well as providing forms that will be useful in day-to-day


New Product Software / Upgrade Request Form
This form must be completed as a request for purchases of new product software or
upgrades to an existing product. Please attach a copy of this form to your purchase


Application for Faculty/Staff/Student Account

This system is to be used by Faculty and Staff in order to apply for an account in
the Leonet PeopleSoft Student system.  The applicant and Department Head will be notified
via email to log into the system in order to approve access. 

Log in here to access the form: https://www2.southeastern.edu/external/security_request/

Instructions can be found here

Please send any questions to [email protected].

Paper forms are no longer accepted.


Shared Drive and Printer Access for Faculty/Staff/Student Workers

For Y drive access you can send an email to [email protected] and give the name of each Y drive folder that the user will need access to.  Specify
whether they need read and write access to the drives or read only access.

Please note: All Xerox printer requests need to be handled by Campus Card Operations. You will need to click on Obtaining Access to Print to a Copier and fill out the
required documentation.


External Contractor or Volunteer Account Request Form

Any contractor or volunteer who comes to campus or works on one of Southeastern’s
online systems must take Cybersecurity Awareness Training as mandated by Act 155 of
House Bill 633.  The training must be completed before work is started.  The first
step requires the requesting department to complete the External Contractor or Volunteer
Account Request Form. This form must be filled out by the department head.


Data Sanitization Policy
This document covers the rules and regulations that are to be followed for any computer or electronic media device subject to surplus, disposal, transfer, or
permanently leaving the possession of Southeastern Louisiana University.

General Policies for All Computer Users
This document covers the rules and regulations that are to be followed by Faculty,
Staff, and Students of Southeastern in regards to computer usage.


SAS License Request Form
This form must be completed to request that SAS software be installed on your computer.


Computer Paper Resales Purchase Request
This form must be completed to request any paper purchased through Computer Paper

Gmail Usage Information
These are the notes that accompany the training classes we facilitate, and are not
intended to be a replacement for the training.


Video Connection Solutions
This document is to help optimize and utilize any one of three: Google Hangouts, Skype,
and Facetime


Introduction to Windows 10
Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft Operating System. Windows 10 Is replacing Windows
7 on campus. 


How to Clear Your Cache
Instructions on how to clear your web browsers cached information