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Advertising with The Lion’s Roar is the best way to reach an audience of more than 14,500 students and 1,200+ employees
representing all 50 states and nearly 47 foreign countries. In addition, a weekly
newsletter is emailed to students, faculty and staff along with subscribers across
the country which helps comprise a large university market for advertisers.

Simply put, our publication is one of the best ways to advertise to this growing and
increasingly important market that has a very large impact on the business of the
Hammond and Northshore area.

Advertisers and individuals wishing to place advertisements in The Lion’s Roar can view our Digital Rate Card for advertising information.





All persons wishing to place digital ads with The Lions Roar are reminded that the deadline for placement and payment of advertising is 1 p.m. the day prior to the requested run date. 

The Lion’s Roar accepts nearly all forms of advertisements, however certain guidelines and requirements
must be followed for all ads. View our Digital Rate Card for requirements.

For questions about advertising or to place an ad in the newspaper, please contact:


Lorraine F. Peppo, M.A.

Title: Coordinator of Student Publications
Location: North Campus Main Building, Rm. 154
Phone: (985) 549-3731
Email : [email protected]