Report It

For emergency situations regarding student's safety (potential harm to self or others), please call University Police immediately (985-549-2222). Reports should be made AFTER University Police have been notified. 

Title IX / Sexual Misconduct

Any incident of sexual or gender-based misconduct involving a Southeastern student must be brought to the attention of the Title IX Officer, Gene Pregeant, or Dean of Students & Deputy Title IX Officer, Dr. Gabe Willis. 

Although the University strongly encourages reporting sexual misconduct to University Police, a complainant may request administrative action by the Title IX Officer with or without filing a police report. 

Mr. Gene Pregeant - 985-549-5888 -

Dr. Gabe Willis - 985-549-3792 -

Once you have communicated with one of the above parties, you will likely be asked to complete a Title IX `incident report

Please refer to the Sexual Misconduct Policy for more information. 

Responsible Employee Helpguide

Title IX Incident Report

Use the following link to submit a TItle IX Incident Report


Faculty Academic Dishonesty Complaints

Report violations of the Academic Integrity Policy.


  • Cheating on examinations
  • Plagiarism
  • Use of unauthorized material during examinations

Academic Integrity Complaint

Use the following link to submit an Academic Integrity Complaint Form


Conduct Violation

Report any suspected violations of the Code of Conduct.

Any emergency or act that is criminal in nature should be reported to University Police (985-549-2222).


  • Disorderly conduct (interferring with classroom decorum) 
  • Abusive conduct (Bullying, endangering, harassment)
  • Use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons
  • Abuse of property

Conduct Violation

Use the following link to sumbit a Conduct Violation Incident Report


Lion Intervention Network

Developed to identify students who are facing academic challenges and/or personal hardships, the Lion Intervention Network (LINK) is an early intervention tool to enhance a student's academic success by providing necessary resources throughout their collegiate experience. The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability provides student outreach and refers students to campus resources once a LINK report is submitted

Refer students facing academic challenges and/or personal hardships

Learn How to Help Students in Distress


  • Homelessness or food insecurity
  • Death of a family member or friend
  • Exhibits sudden change in behavior
  • Hospitalization
  • Stops attending class and not responding to communication
  • Asks for accommodations, but not registered with Student Accessibility Services

Lion Intervention Network

Use the following link to submit a Lion Intervention Network Report


Southeastern Threat Assessment & Response Team 

The Southeastern Threat Assessment & Response Team (START) assesses student behaviors based on potential risks. If a student exhibits concerning behavior that may be deemed harmful to oneself or others, complete a START report.

If a START report is required, please notify University Police (985-549-2222) or University Counseling Center (985-549-3894) prior to sending the report.


  • Exhibits threatening behavior to others (potential to harm)
  • Suicidal ideation or attempt

Southeastern Threat Assessment & Response Team

Use the following link to submit a START Report


If you are unsure about the type of report to submit or have any questions about referring a student to Student Advocacy & Accountability, please contact our office at 985-549-2213 or email