Reporting Tools


Southeastern is committed to the academic success of our students and to providing
the necessary resources to enhance the potential for their success. We encourage students,
faculty and professional staff to use the Lion Intervention Network (Link)/LINK-Me
to identify currently enrolled students who are facing academic challenges and/or
personal hardship (i.e. financial, homelessness/displacement, loss of loved one, car
accidents, non-life threatening behaviors, etc.)


Student Concerns/Complaints

Contact Office of Student Engagement about any concerns or complaints you might have
about OSE or any of our sub-departments, such as a student organization, MISA, CAB,
Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership Development, SGA and SGA grants, and more.


Anonymous Reporting Form

Southeastern’s University Police Department strives to work with our community in
recognizing and resolving crime and community issues. If you have information regarding
crimes occurring on campus and would like to pass this information to us anonymously,
please fill out the form.


Grievance Form

The Grievance Reporting Form is intended for use by all students who wish to make
a formal complaint about a person, policy or university process, that is not already
covered by specific university procedures (e.g. Student Code of Conduct Process, Lion
Intervention Network Process, Harm to Self or Others Procedures (START Process), Academic
Grievance Procedures, etc.). The Grievance Report will be routed to the Dean of Students
or appropriate chain of command for review, who will investigate and address the issue