Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule a tour at the Sustainability Center?

If you are interested in scheduling a tour for a class, please email us at or call us at 985-549-3333. We also can visit your class.

I’m interested in sustainability. How can I get involved?

Thanks for your interest! The best way to connect with us is to become part of Reconnect Student Organization or you can email us to to receive more infomartion. 

How can I recycle?

Look up specific items on our Recycle page. If you recycle needs to be pick up email us at

How can I get a recycling/landfill bin for my office?

 Bin requests should be sent to Please let us know the type of bin you want (landfill or recycling) and where specifically it should be delivered.

Why can't recycle glass on campus?

Unfortunately, the university’s recycling facility partner, Republic Services does not received glass. The market for glass is very poor, with no manufacturer who wants to purchase old glass to make something new. This is why it is so important for all of us to purchase items that contain recycled content. When people buy recycled-content items, there is an incentive for companies to use recycled content in their products. As the demand for recycled content increases, recycling facilities are able to not only sell the material they collect, but can often also make enough money to reduce what customers (like Southeastern) have to pay for the recycling service.

 Where are the water filling stations located? 

Water Stations Locations:

- Fayard, 1st floor by STC
- Sims Library, 1-4th floor near to restrooms.
- Garret Hall, College of Business, 1st floor central.
- CATE Education Building, 1st floor and 2nd Floor  
-  D. Vickers, 2nd floor by writing center and 3rd floor by professors offices.
-  Dyson Hall, 1st floor central.
-  Meade Hall 1st floor central
-  Student Union, Cafeteria, 1-3th floor near to restrooms.
-  White Hall, 1st floor west side.
-  Naquin center, 1st floor central.
-  Pennington Center, 1st floor hall area and 2nd floor.
-  Biology, 2nd floor by room 213 
-  Mims Hall 1st floor and 2nd Floor 
-  Admission building by the restrooms
-  Enrollment, 2nd floor
-  Lab School by the gym
-  Physical Plant
- Small business 1st floor and 2nd Floor 

 Where I can learn more?

 The Sims Library has a portal with several resources about sustainability.

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