Registration Appeal Process

Southeastern Louisiana University publishes its policies, procedures, and important dates in the University Catalog and in the Academic Calendar. Students are expected to follow these policies and deadlines. But, we do understand that sometimes things happen that may be outside of your control as a student that have serious impacts on your educational experience.

This page will provide you with the necessary information and procedures to file a Registration Appeal. Please note that submission of this appeal is not a guarantee that any adjustments will be made to your Southeastern Account.

Appropriate Reasons for a Registration Appeal
Emergency Medical Situations
Natural Disasters
Situations Beyond Your Control as a Student

Possible Actions Taken by Southeastern
Grade of W
Cancellation of Course(s) - Course will be removed from Academic Record (Transcript)
Reduction of Southeastern Tuition
Other Specific Financial Relief

Appeal Committee
Registration Appeals are reviewed by a committee of Southeastern faculty and staff members. Decisions are made on a case by case basis and are based on the needs of each student, the specific details of each situation, and the documentation that is provided. All Registration Appeal decisions are final.

Registration Appeals will only be accepted within one year of the semester in question with the final deadline being the original published date to resign from the university. Only extreme documented hardships may receive consideration after this time frame.

Explanation of Circumstances and Documentation
In order for your appeal to be considered, our committee will need 2 things:

A Detailed Explanation of Your Individual Circumstance
Please provide as much detail as possible about your individual circumstances and why you are submitting your appeal. This may include but is not limited to a timeline of events, specific dates, specific contacts you had with Southeastern staff members and/or specific actions taken on your part in reference to your Southeastern registration.

Appropriate and Sufficient Documentation
Please provide any relevant documentation you may have that will support your appeal. This may include but is not limited to legal documentation, medical documentation, official statements, homework assignments, emails, and/or text messages.

Review Process
1. Based on the nature of your appeal, it may be reviewed by the Appeal Committee and your Academic Dean. 
2. The Appeal Committee meets bi-weekly to review all requests and render decisions. 
3. You will be informed of the Appeal Committee's decision via your Southeastern email account.

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