Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch, which serves as the Student Supreme Court of the Student Government Association, is led by the Chief Justice, Aaliyah Muhammad.

The Student Supreme Court handles: parking appeals, the interpretation of governing documents, SGA member impeachment trials, and events such as Free Speech Alley.  They also serve on the Office for Student Advocacy and Accountability's Hearing Board.

Student Supreme Court  



2023 - 2024 Chief Justice

Aaliyah Muhammad

Aaliyah is a Senior Political Science major.






2023 - 2024 Justice

Koya Butler

 Koya is a Senior Social Work major.






Roomie2023 - 2024 Justice

Christian Jones

 Christian is a Sophomore Criminal Justice and Sociology double major.






2023 - 2024 Justice

Chastity Partlow

Chastity is a Sophomore Biology major.




Services and Events

Parking Appeals

When a Southeastern student, staff member or faculty member feels they have received a ticket in error, they may appeal it.  For more information about parking and appeals, visit the SGA Parking Appeals page.

Interpretation of Governing Documents

The Governing Documents of the Southeastern Student Government Association are the SGA Constitution and Bylaws.  When there is a question of meaning of any portion of these documents, it is the duty of the Student Supreme Court to rule on the interpretation.

Impeachment Trials

The Cabinet members, Senators, and Justices of SGA have all sworn oaths to serve the student body of Southeastern.  If any of these members are suspected to be in violation of their duties as outlined by the SGA Constitution and Bylaws, they may be tried for impeachment, and if found to be guilty, removed from office.  The Student Supreme Court handles impeachment trials for the Exucutive and Legislative Branch, while impeachment trials of Judicial Branch members are handled by the Legislative Branch.

Free Speech Alley

Free Speech Alley is an opportunity for Southeastern students to voice their opinions on a selected topic.  Traditionally, it is held in the Student Union Breezeway during the day once per semester so that students can participate on their way to and from class.

Voter Registration Drives

SGA advocates civic responsibility for Southeastern students.  To that end, the Judicial Branch hosts periodic voter registration drives to educate students on the importance of voting and encourages registering to vote.