Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register an event for my organization?

To ensure that the registration of your activity goes as smoothly as possible, please submit this form 14 days prior to your event. Also, read the information listed below and take all the proper steps before using this link.
Any comments, questions, or concerns should be addressed to the Dean of Students Office at 985-549-3792.

How does my organization host a fundraiser?

Complete the Registration of Activities Form to register your fundraiser.

Registered Student Organizations are allowed to have fundraising events as long as they have an approved bank account on file with the Office for Student Engagement.

There is no limit to how many fundraisers an organization can have.

For more information, contact the Office for Student Engagement, 985-549-2120.

How does my organization obtain an official University excuse for an organizational trip?

How do I start or maintain a registered student organization?

New student organizations must have at least 10 Southeastern students as members, a faculty or staff member to serve as advisor, and two letters of recommendation from a faculty or staff member.

In order to become a registered student organization, the New Student Organization Application must be completed with the appropriate signatures and submitted to the Office for Student Engagement for approval.

The New Student Organization Application includes the following:


Officer Roster

Signed Membership Roster ( must have 10 current Southeastern students)


Faculty/Staff Advisor Information

Membership Information

Bank Account Information (if organization has a bank account)

Policies and Procedures Manual Compliance Form

Hazing Policy Acknowledgment Form

The new student organization’s president and advisor will be notified when the New Student Organization Application is approved. Once the application is approved, the organization is recognized as a registered student organization.

In order to maintain status as a recognized student organization, the organization must complete and submit the Recognized Student Organization Packet once a year at the beginning of the fall semester.

Student organizations must be recognized by the Office for Student Engagement and have a completed packet on file to register activities, reserve rooms, and participate in events on campus.

For more information, contact the Office for Student Engagement, 985-549-2120.

How does my organization hang signs on campus?

Signs can be hung two days prior to the event, the day of the event, and must be removed the day after the event, even if the event is a weekly occurrence. This includes sheet signs and flyers.

Complete the Sign Approval Form and bring it to the building head of where you would like to hang the sign for his/her signature.

Once the form is completed with the appropriate signatures, bring the form and a copy of the sign to the Dean of Students Office for final approval.

For more information, contact the Dean of Students at 985-549-3792.