Honors Option (H-Option)

An honors option contract is an agreement between an Honors Program student and a professor
that allows the student to turn a standard course into an honors course.



Appropriate Use of Honors Option

Since most honors courses are lower-division, honors options should be pursued primarily
in the upper-division. There are exceptions to this rule. Honors options should not
be used to avoid a regular honors course, or because an honors course is full or conflicts
with the student’s schedule. While most honors options will be in courses related
to the student’s major or minor, they can be appropriate in other courses where the
student can demonstrate genuine interest and commitment.


Approaching a Professor about an H-Option


Step 1: Approach Instructor and Develop H-Option Plan 

You must first approach your instructor BEFORE submitting and H-Option contract for
credit with the Honors Program. Instructors are not obligated to grant request for
honors options. Together with your instructor, you will develop a plan to determine
what would add depth of knowledge, practice, or leadership to the course. The nature
of work undertaken for H-Option credit may vary according to the academic interest
of you and your instructor. Listed below are some suggestions: 

  • Delivering a lecture to class on an issue raised by the course readings 
  • Writing a paper that involves extensive library, laboratory, or field research 
  • Collaborating with a professor on a research project 
  • Preparing an annotated bibliography or literature review of material relevant to the
    course or your senior thesis
  • Creating a website, video presentation, or work of art related to the course or senior


Step 2: Write an H-Option Proposal 

Describe the nature of the H-Option assignment in a paragraph that details the planned
work and justifies its consideration for Honors credit. This proposal must be described in the H-Option form. Please include the following points in the proposal:

  • How often you and your faculty will meet to review and/or evaluate your progress
  • Brief description of the topic/subject/theme to be covered and the size/scope of the
  • What medium you will use (writing, website, video, creative piece)
  • The results of the project- Will you produce a paper, a presentation, a video, a published
    article, a report on the research, etc.
  • Your goals/aims for the project- How do you see it impacting your work in the course?


Step 3: Complete and Submit the Certification of H-Option Completion Form
  • Type all information into the form. 
  • Submit the form to the Honors Office by the due date.

NOTE: The Honors Program reserves the right to ask for further details or to reject
the proposal.

Students who attempt but fail to complete two H-option contracts will not be allowed
to enter into any further H-Option contracts.

Procedural Information & Deadlines

The honors option submission deadline is the 14th day of the semester (7th day for
Term classes). Check the weekly Honors email for specific deadline information each

  • Current as of Spring 2024: The H-Option contract process has moved completely online.
    Click the contract button below for the new electronic form.
  •  PLEASE NOTE: SELU email access is necessary for entry into the form.