One of the outstanding features of Southeastern's program is that it provides students with an opportunity to do real research under the guidance of one of our faculty. This is a wonderful learning experience for two reasons: first, it permits faculty and students to get to know one another in a working relationship, and second, it provides students experience in critical thinking, improving skills in ability to define terms, refine questions, search for evidence and draw conclusions that can stand the test of scrutiny and evaluation by others.

All Psychology majors are required to take Psyc 335 - Research Design and Analysis. Students in teams work on research that has been designed by the faculty member teaching the course. After this introduction to conducting research students have the skills necessary for the greater involvement in the research process required in Psyc 449 - Individual Research in Pscyhology. Students with the goal of going on to graduate school in Psychology are strongly encouraged to take Psyc 449 with a faculty member conducting research in an area in which they have an interest.