Honors Program

Psychology's honors program is especially designed for motivated students who seek involvement in research activity and engagement in the important issues of the discipline. Students can take a special honors introductory class that will allow them to get first hand information on the faculty and their research activities. In later years, seminar and research classes will prepare the student for their own research work in the senior thesis. 

The department also offers an honors curriculum that allows its students to earn an honors diploma in the major. For the Honors Diploma in Psychology (following Honors Core Curriculum Path One, see Honors Program Section for other options), majors must complete the following requirements: 

  • English 121H - 3 hours

  • English 122H - 3 hours

  • History 101H - 3 hours

  • History 102H - 3 hours

  • English 291H, 292H, History 201H, 202H, Economics 201H, Math 161H, GBIO 151H, 153H, Physics 191H, 193H lab, Honors 191, 311, 312, 313, or 314 - 3 hours

  • Psyc 117H - 3 hours

  • Psyc 347H - 1 hour (may be repeated up to six times)

  • Psyc 367H - 3 hours

  • Psyc 467H - 3 hours