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View real-time energy production on campus below.

Sustainability Outreach Center PV Solar Meter

North Campus Financial Aid PV Solar Meter


Water Bottle Filler   Help eliminate plastic bottles across campus


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Sustainability Goals



Renewable Energy

80% off of the grid campus-wide by 2022 using renewable energy. 

  • Energy Management system monitors and controls campus buildings. 

  • Solar thermal heating systems supplement Kinesiology Building, Biology Building and Dyson Hall. 

  • Photovoltaic tracking panels supplement Physical Plant office power.

  • Exploring biomass electrical generation options for campus.



Campus-wide 80% Recycled and 20% landfill waste by 2020.

Phase 1:  Complete
  • Reduce dumpsters on campus by 20% in 2012.

  • Baling Cardboard for resale.

  • Implemented single-stream recycling.


Phase 2:   Complete
  • Reduce amount of dumpsters on campus by 40%.

  • Increase recycling participation. 


Phase 3:   Complete
  • Reduce amount of dumpsters on campus by 20%.   


Sustainability Center

Working educational facility.

Phase 1:  Complete
  • Photovoltaic panel installed for research.

  • First water-reclamation pond and irrigation pumping station installed.

Phase 2:   Complete
  • Solar thermal heating for greenhouses to be completed. 

  • Interconnected water-reclamation pond to be completed.

  • Electric car charging station complete.

Phase 3:   
  • Biomass electrical generation plant to be installed by 2020.

  • Sustainable landscape installation by 2020.

Sustainability Center


It is our mission to provide a synergistic educational facility for our university and region which offers diverse learning styles for both current and future students in the areas of renewable energy, recycling and waste reduction measures, plant biology, and other sustainable technologies. This center will provide opportunities for extensive study in sciences and technology. 


Site Plan - Phase I : Construction and Landscape Installation


Year I
  • Reconfiguration of Facility (Clean-up and removal of unused structures) Complete

  • Water Reclamation (Design and build retention ponds) Complete

  • Fully Operational Recycling Center (Part of our plan in dumpster reduction on campus)Complete

  • All Solar applications applied (Solar hot water and photovoltaic) Complete

  • Smart Classroom installed Complete

Year II
  • Fully Operational Growing Facility (Tree Farm and Landscape plants to be used in our campus landscapes) Partially Met

  • Structure for Biomass and Biodiesel Building Complete

Year III
  • Install Biomass Plant (Used to produce electricity for the entire center, allowing us to be completely off the grid) Awaiting Funding and design by Computer Science and Technology students and professors. 

  • Design and construct Biomass trailer for mobile education purposes Complete

Outreach Center


2101 North Oak Street

Southeastern Environmental Education Development (SEED)

The Outreach Center is an educational learning experience designed to introduce sustainable initiatives including a geothermal heating and cooling system, solar thermal panels, solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, biomass electrical generator, and water reclamation ponds. Students experience an introduction to sustainable practices, LEED program, and view firsthand the functional concepts of these efforts.  Visitors will venture into a nonconventional, energy-neutral classroom and delve into the internal workings of each renewable-energy system.    

This space is air conditioned with a pond-loop geothermal system and utilizes captured rainwater to irrigate landscape beds and flush the toilet.    

 biomass system picture       geothermal   

photovoltaic       solarthermal 


Outreach Gallery




 2015 Blue Recycling Can Banner

Going Green: Southeastern's Recycling program is multi-faceted:


Single-Stream Recycling

The list of Single Stream Recycling on campus!

The following items may be recycled through our single-stream recycling program:

  • Paper (basically anything that tears)

  • Plastics #1-7 (except Styrofoam and plastic wrap)     

  • Metal cans (aluminum, steel, tin)


All items must be free of food waste, but rinsing is not necessary. Glass is not included in our recycling at this time.

Green recycling bins are located on most floors of campus buildings for your convenience. Many are located near printers or copiers to collect paper. Since paper is part of our single-stream recycling program, plastic bottles and metal cans may also be placed in these bins.

Desk-side recycling containers are now available upon request for campus offices. Individuals recycling at their desk or work station will carry their personal container to the main recycling collection bin on their floor. Contact Physical Plant at 549-3333 to request a desk-side recycling container. To locate the main recycling collection bin nearest to you, review the locations listed by building.

In previous semesters, black square recycling receptacles were located at outdoor high-traffic areas around campus. These containers were marked for recycling, but since they resembled garbage cans, many of the collections were contaminated with food or drinks. These black recycling containers have been relocated to trash rooms of campus dorms to enable resident students to recycle at home.

 Outdoor recycling has been made possible again through a Healthy Communities Grant awarded to Southeastern by Keep Louisiana Beautiful. The new, blue Recycle cans are clearly recognizable. They target plastic bottles and metal cans from  campus pedestrians. Each is placed near a garbage can to limit the tendency to place garbage in the Recycle can. Please empty beverage containers before recycling them. We intend to add outdoor Recycle containers as funds become available.    


 Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard could be recycled through the single-stream program, but we also maintain a separate stream for baling and resale of cardboard. This provides an incremental source of revenue. Cardboard boxes may be flattened and deposited neatly at the cardboard collection location for your building. Call Physical Plant at 549-3333 for prompt pick up of larger amounts of cardboard.

 Card Board Bails Picture

Used Print Cartridges

Used printer/toner cartridges are also collected in a separate recycling stream. These may be placed beside green recycling bins for pick up. It is helpful if they remain in the cartridge packaging. These used cartridges also provide an incremental source of revenue.


Working Together

To request a recycling container for your office, to request a one-time pick up, or to report a full recycling bin, contact Physical Plant at 549-3333. Our recycling team is eager to support your collection efforts. We are searching for ways to improve our service as well as campus-wide participation in our recycling program. Contact us with suggestions at

Solar Energy




Going Green


Sunlight is the ultimate of all renewable energy and Southeastern Louisiana University is taking great strides in utilizing this free resource.  By harnessing the power of solar energy, our University will reduce its reliance on the local electrical utility grid. These projects were funded through the University Technology Fee and will be used for student education.

Click on a thumbnail below to learn more about the current solar energy projects our University has in operation.


Solar Tracking Panels, PPS Stationary Solar Panel, PPS
PPS Tracking Solar Photovoltaic Array PPS Stationary Solar Photovoltaic Array
Stationary Panel New Biology Solar Array
New Kinesiology Solar Thermal Array New Biology Solar Thermal Array


Monitor this site often for updates on future energy-saving projects and remember to check out our Solar Gallery.

Solar Gallery

Wind Power



Wind Powered Turbines are mechanical devices which turns wind into electrical power.  It uses the force of wind to propel the turbine to create electricity.


At the Outreach Center, this 3,000 watt, 48 volt direct current wind turbine system is also featured with a controller, dump load device, an inverter, and a battery bank.  This low wind drag system is designed to begin blade rotation at ~6 miles per hour.  


In areas of sustained wind patterns, wind energy can be a viable solution towards green energy and reducing dependency of the grid. 







We invite you to tour our Sustainability Center at Southeastern Louisiana University 

Sustain pic 1        Sustain pic 2

 Southeastern’s Environmental Education Development (SEED) classroom is powered by
solar photo-voltaic panels, heated and cooled by a geothermal system, has an operational
power-generating wind turbine, and solar thermal.  The SEED classroom currently has a biomass pellet process being developed in partnership with Computer Science and Technology.

Sustain pic 3

 We invite you to contact us today to plan a visit to the Southeastern Louisiana University Sustainability Center, located at 2101 North Oak Street, for a day of fun and learning.  Email us at or call 985-549-5034 to schedule a visit.  We'll see you there.



Solar Panel Sunset Picture 2

Environmental Green - Southeastern Gold

Southeastern's Going Green

 The Sustainability Department in Physical Plant at Southeastern Louisiana University is taking great strides in making our campus more sustainable. Our goal is to reduce the negative impact we have on the environment and to work towards reducing our dependence of the grid.



 Outreach Center Campus Map Location