Authorized Dealer for Repairs and Parts

Executive Order JBE 20-21 states:


A.  No competitive bidding is required unless otherwise stated for the following items:


1.  Repair parts for equipment obtained from a Louisiana authorized dealer where available.
This provision does not apply to the stocking of parts;


2.  Equipment repairs obtained from a Louisiana authorized dealer where available;


3.  Vehicle repairs not covered by a competitive state contract or the state fleet
maintenance repair contract, obtained from a Louisiana authorized dealer where available;


4.  Vehicle body repairs covered by insurance recovery and in accordance with insurance


“Louisiana authorized dealer” means a company that satisfies the requirements of a resident business defined in
R.S. 39:1556(47) and is authorized by the manufacturer to sell and/or provide services for their products.


Written verification on Southeastern’s Authorized Dealer Certification Form will be
required to support any claim of a Louisiana Original Equipment Manufactuer (OEM)
Authorized Dealer qualification, or any other non-Louisiana OEM-Authorized Dealer


Click here for Authorized Dealer Certification Form


Competitive bidding will be required for repairs and repair parts in excess of $5,000
when not using an Orginal Equipment Manufacturer or any Louisiana or non-Louisiana
OEM-Authorized Dealer.


R.S. 39:1556(47):


(6) “Resident business” means one authorized to do and doing business under the laws
of this state, which either:
     (a) Maintains its principal place of business in the state; or
     (b) Employs a minimum of two employees who are residents of the state.