State Contracts

State contracts are contracts established by the Office of State Purchasing with vendors
for the purchase of various specified items during a given period of time.


The University has the option of purchasing against these state contracts without
the necessity of developing specifications or requesting bids. This results in purchase
orders being expedited for a faster delivery. Also, because of the volume associated
with state purchases, most prices are very competitive.


Featured State Contracts:

  • Classroom Furniture Contract
  • Data Processing Catalogue Contracts
  • Employment Development Services
  • Furniture Contracts (Classroom)
  • Furniture Contracts (Filing Systems, Office Furniture, Modular Systems)
  • Equipment Maintenance Management Program
  • Industrial Supplies WSCA Contract
  • Industrial Tools LAMAS Contract
  • Laboratory and Safety Supplies Catalogue Contract(Fisher Scientific – Excludes Single
    Item Purchases > $30,000)
  • Laboratory and Safety Supplies Catalogue Contract(VWR International – Excludes Single
    Item Purchases > $30,000)
  • Microcomputer & Peripherals Catalog Contract
  • Office Furnishings (Filing Systems, Office Furniture, Modular Systems)
  • Office Supply Catalogue Contract (excludes furniture purchases over $5,000)
  • Printing Contracts
  • Shredding Services
  • Vehicle Contracts


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Louisiana State Contracts Information & Search


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Louisiana State Regions Map


All state contract purchases shall at a minimum include the following information
on the purchase requisition:


  • Name of Vendor/Address/City/State/Zip
  • State Contract No. (i.e., 405567)
  • T-Number (i.e., 92360)
  • Line No. (i.e., 01001)
  • Commodity Code (i.e., 600-38-119796)
  • Product Description
  • Brand (i.e., Xerox)
  • Model (i.e., WC15PL)
  • Quantity (i.e, 1 each)
  • Unit Price (i.e., $895.00)
  • Total Amount


Attach any supporting state contract information from the web or provided by the state
contract vendor.