The first section of the War Memorial Student Union was completed in 1966. The students
assessed themselves to finance construction of the facility. It included student affair’s
offices, meeting rooms, a post office and a snack bar.


In 1979, the student body responded to this need by once again assessing themselves
for a new addition to the Student Union. The new facility, the Student Union Annex,
was completed in 1983. Meeting rooms were added, as were a theater, and a new recreational
area that contained a game room, a bowling alley, and racquetball courts (2). A large
“commons” area was also added where students could relax, study, or visit.


In 1998, the Southeastern Bookstore moved into what had previously been the bowling
alley and game room. The new bookstore also increased its offerings to the community
through a mini-convenience store section. The game room was moved to the first floor
section of the racquetball courts. And the second floor of the racquetball area, as
well as part of the second floor commons, was renovated to become the new Career Services
Center. The first floor of the original west wing, where the post office was located,
was converted into a Copy Store, a coffee and yogurt shop and a smaller post office.


In the fall of 2000, construction was completed on a $3 million renovation and addition.
The project included: converting the entire ground floor of the original east wing
into an expanded food service area; adding additional office space and conference
rooms onto both floors of the west wing; redesigning and increasing the size of the
SGA office; upgrading the meeting rooms on the second floor of the east wing; and
converting the coffee and yogurt shop into a Subway Shop. Additional storage for CAB
and the Student Union was also added.


In the summer of 2012, an expansive additional and renovation project began on the
Union.  Phase 1 was completed in February 2014 which included a new 90,000 square
foot addition to the existing Union offering a food court, recreational options, a
new dining restaurant, and new ballroom and meeting space.  Phase 2 partially opened
in March 2015 with the relocation of the University Bookstore into a newly renovated,
larger area.  Phase 2 was completed for the start of the Fall 2015 semester featuring a
complete renovation of the existing Union resulting in new administrative office spaces
and meeting spaces.  The completion of Phase 3 will complete the entire project. Phase
3 will feature a student-centric space housing the University Counseling Center, Center
for Student Excellence and the Health Center.