Latin American Initiatives

Latin American Business and Development Initiative

On behalf of Southeastern College of Business I welcome you to the Latin American Business and Development Initiative.

The Latin American Business and Development Initiative (LABDI), was created by the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University to address and support cultural diversity and business relations among the Latin American and Caribbean community and the Hispanic population in the United States as a foundation of permanent on-going dialogue and sustainable business development.

At LABDI, we recognize that a global vision and a strengthening of cooperation between Latin American businesses and the Hispanic community in the United States are necessary elements for the development of workforce necessary to guarantee economic and social growth, improve competition, and strengthen democracy.

With the winds of change and rebirth blowing in the Hemisphere, Hispanics did not hide behind the process of modernization and renovation. They responded and faced the future with honor, new ideas and courage; but overall, they are full of optimism and ready to face the challenges of this century.

The initiative promotes a commitment within the College of Business's mission as well as University core values of appreciating diversity, ethical behavior, excellence, quality curriculum and instruction, and dedication to service.

The Latin American Business and Development Initiative is devoted to providing students, faculty and the community at large a comprehensive understanding of Latin America and the Hispanic community. We appreciate and respond to the multidimensional and multicultural character of the University while understanding our decisive role for responding to the challenges facing this millennium in the areas international business education and cultural diversity.

Our vision seeks to redefine old paradigms, to create life-long competencies, to progress in defining and adopting confidence, and to formulate strategies for international business education; especially those that vitally concern Latin America and United States business relationships. We should redouble our efforts toward the process of global transformation and increase opportunities for Hispanic college students to discover new phases in their lives and professional education.

As Director, I would like to invite you to be part of these challenges and together begin a new era in the State of Louisiana. There are no miracles or magic formulas that can guarantee a complete success; however we have to work hard to confront today's changes and new paradigms in our Western hemisphere as regards business education. In front of us there is an encouraging path of hope and needs that enables us to look to a better tomorrow.


Dr. Aristides R. Baraya, Director
Hispanic Business and Leadership Institute
College of Business