Master Professionalism

What is "professionalism"?

On its most basic level, “professionalism” can be defined as one’s conduct on the job. Many employers state that today’s college graduates are lacking in professionalism, as reported in numerous surveys on this topic.

Striving to achieve professionalism in your work life begins with learning some basic behaviors – and understanding the reasons behind those behaviors – as well as taking time for honest self-reflection as to whether or not you are exemplifying those behaviors. “Mastering Professionalism” is not rocket science – it can easily be learned and applied so that you, as a recent college graduate, are making an excellent first impression on your employer, as well as setting the tone for a lifetime of career success.




From College Student to Professional

So you followed all of the sage advice you received about the job search process, resumes, interviewing, etc., and you did it: You landed that job! Congratulations! In this "To Do" list for new professionals, learn tips to make your transition to your new job a smooth one, and to assist you in establishing a professional presence.