Locations and Pricing



The Student Union Ballroom is available for events for up to 1,000 guests. 

Grand Ballroom                                                        $2,650

1,000 lecture style; 700 banquet style                                   

Large Ballroom                                                         $1,650

900 lecture style; 450 banquet style                                     

Ballrooms I, II and III                                              $1,000

525 lecture style; 248 banquet style

Ballroom I and II or II and III                                     $675

350 lecture style; 160 banquet style

Ballroom I, II or III                                                     $350

175 lecture style; 80 banquet style

Additional meeting spaces are available in the Student Union. Please refer to this listing. The pricing for those spaces is consistent with the classroom pricing listed below.


Small                                            $90 Full Day; $50 Half Day

Up to 25 guests

Medium                                       $125 Full Day; $75 Half Day

Up to 50 guests

Large                                         $175 Full Day; $100 Half Day

Up to 100 guests


Classrooms available for rental are located in the Student Union, University Center
and Student Activity Center and are subject to availability. Call 985-549-2041 for
more information.


Student Union Theater                            $425 Full Day;$250 Half Day
360 lecture style

Vonnie Borden Theater                         $1250 Full Day; $950 Half Day

456 lecture style (Located in Dvickers Hall) – currently offline due to renovations

Pottle Music Auditorium                       $1250 Full Day; $950 Half Day

565 lecture style

Columbia Theater Performance Hall  $1800 Full Day; $1,000 Half Day

Columbia Theater Conference Room      $800 Full Day; $600 Half Day

(Custom blocks after 5 p.m. are $175)

Fits 100-150

*Event rates may apply. Contact 985-549-2041 for more information.

Athletic Facilities

University Center Arena-$2,850 Full Day or 10% gross gate receipts per event

Pennington Student Activity Center-$325 per court per day

Up to 4 Basketball Courts

Strawberry Stadium (Capacity is 7500)

$1500 (East OR West Stadium); $3000 (East and West Stadium)

Billups Room-$100

Football Practice Fields-$400

Alumni Field-$3000

Dugas Center Squad Room-$175/Day

Soccer Field-$1,000

Kinesiology and Health Studies Facilities:

Gym-$425 Full Day; $250 Half Day


Tennis Courts-Call for Pricing

Track and Field-$500/Day

North Oak Park-$250/field/day; $12/hour for lights (if applicable)

Note: Some athletic facilities require site supervisors. Site supervisors are $50
per game. Scoreboard operators (if needed) will cost $40 per game. Practices may be
scheduled at a rate of $100 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours. 

Specialty Rooms/Other

Pennington Student Activity Center

Demonstration Kitchen                            $175 Full Day; $100 Half Day

Multipurpose Room (125)                               $175 Full Day; $100 Half Day

University Center Room 106

(Compressed Video with Dial-up)              $175 Full Day; $100 Half Day


For assistance with choosing your event space, call 985-549-2041 to speak with our Event and Conference Services team.