Donating to our program is an investment in the future. It gives faculty, staff, professionals,
leaders and most importantly students working and participating in the Collegiate
Recovery Program (CRP) the freedom to support initiatives that they believe in and
change the trajectory of the lives of students in recovery from addiction.

Your donation will support the following strategic initiatives:

  • Advancing student’s educational opportunities and leadership in the CRP through participation
    with the Association for Recovery in Higher Education Annual Southeast Retreat at
    Camp Cosby, the ARHE Southeast Summit and the ARHE National Conference as well as
    Louisiana InterCollegiate Recovery Events. 
  • Support of  Participation Scholarship opportunities for students active in the LION
    UP Recovery Program.


“As an older student who is also in recovery, I experienced a feeling of separateness
when I first landed on Southeastern’s beautiful campus. It was a feeling that I hadn’t
known since I first got clean and got involved in the recovery community.  I must
admit that I struggled to feel any real sense of belonging my first couple of semesters,
and I missed my peers in recovery. I decided to go back to school so that I could
better myself and perhaps be useful to my community, but I really missed the sense
of fellowship I had known in my recovery groups. Being introduced to the Collegiate
Recovery Program was a Godsend. It provided me with a much-needed support system and
connected me with like-minded people. It also allowed me to pursue my degree and practice
recovery without having to sacrifice one for the other. I am a senior now, and excited
to see what comes next in my journey, but I will never forget my experience at Southeastern
thanks to the “Lion UP Collegiate Recovery Program” and dedicated support staff that
make it possible.” 
Member of the LION UP Recovery Program


“I think as someone who was looking to go back to school and was already in recovery.
It gave me support and friends before I even knew anybody at school. It was almost
serendipitous how it happened. I found out about it like 3 months prior to enrolling
for school and it made the decision for me on which school to attend.”  
Member of LION UP Recovery


“CRP has provided me with a sense of self-worth and value in navigating the collegiate
experience, while also maintaining long term sobriety. I’m continuously inspired by
the fellowship, stories and leadership. From the moment I began, I felt welcomed with
open arms and encouraged to not only be the best person in recovery I could be but
also the best LION I could be.”  
Member of LION UP Recovery


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