Southeastern Louisiana University is committed to the health, safety, and success
of all students. To support our students in their educational and personal goals,
the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability holds students accountable for behavior
that violates university policies, especially behavior that may cause harm to an individual
student or to others. If a student is found responsible for violating the Code of
Conduct, interventions and sanctions may be imposed. The overall goals of these interventions
and sanctions are to:

  • Deter students from engaging in unhealthy and/or harmful behaviors.
  • Educate students about how their choices may negatively impact themselves and others.
  • Motivate students to change their behavior so that they can contribute to a healthy
    and safe community and optimize their academic success. 
  • Temporarily or permanently remove students who continually and/or significantly disrupt
    the residential community and learning environment.

In determining appropriate sanctions, the University considers the nature of the violation
including the impact on the community and its members, the institutional sanctioning
guidelines, the student’s prior disciplinary history, and the individual student’s

Students found to be in violation of University policies will be afforded due process
as prescribed in the University Code of Conduct.