Message From the Interim Provost

Continuing Recovery from the Flood

Fall is official -- documented by the Almanac, our enrollment report to the Board of Regents, and the green and gold flags welcoming fans to Strawberry Stadium for the home football games.  Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of so many faculty and staff, our student enrollment remains stable despite the devastating floods.  Our freshman class is actually up.  Things almost feel, "typical."
But this is not a typical semester.  The crisis continues. For so many, the initial shock is wearing off and the emotional realization of the loss and challenges related to recovery efforts have set-in. While we have completed only our fifth week of classes, the stress level for many of our students resembles that of final exams week. The Division for Student Affairs, the University Counseling Center and others are working hard to accommodate the higher than usual number of students in severe distress. The Southeastern Threat Assessment and Response Team (START) met Fridayto address immediate needs and discuss future plans.
Your help is needed. Please continue to be empathetic to students' needs and try to accommodate when possible.  If you notice any behavioral changes in specific students, please refer them to our Counseling Center.  You can also report concerning behaviors to START.
Students are not the only ones dealing with these stresses. Many faculty and staff lost homes, cars and/or property. If you need assistance or if you notice any behavioral changes in your colleagues, please know there is help available.  Talk to a colleague, your supervisor or call the Counseling Center.  Counseling services are free to students, faculty and staff.
During and after the floods our campus community rallied to respond to the needs of those impacted. Now let's rally to help them complete their recovery.  Thanks in advance for your support.
Tena L.Golding
Interim Provost 

  • Southeastern Threat Assessment and Response Team (START)(985-549-2213)

  • Reporting Concerning Behaviors


Upcoming events (additional events will be announced through Faculty/Staff Notices)
  • The Employee Benefits & Wellness Fair is October 4, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., in the Student Union Ballroom. Presentations will include Dealing with Adversity and Yoga for Your Health.   Canned goods will be collected for the Southeastern Food Pantry.
  • Southeastern's Peace and Purpose initiative is hosting an Intro to Mindfulness series for students, faculty and staff.  The next session is Thursday, October 6th at 4 p.m., in room 252 of the library.  The libguide provides additional information on mindfulness.