Employee Reimbursements


Petty Cash Purchases are defined as non-competitive, non-recurring small purchases made with personal funds of a faculty, staff or student employee on a voluntary basis with the purchase subsequently approved by the budget unit for reimbursement to the employee.


Petty Cash Purchases

  • Are made voluntarily by a faculty, staff or student employee

  • Are made in accordance with the Executive Order for small purchases

  • Are in CASH, but check, credit card or debit card will be processed

  • Are purchased separate from personal purchases of employees

  • Are refunded to the employee up to $50 in cash or over $50 by check

  • Are not subject to reimbursement of sales taxes charged

Petty Cash Purchases Not Subject To Reimbursement

  • A purchase ruled outside the scope and mission of the budget unit

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Ammunition/firearms

  • Animals

  • Beverages & Water (Only Coca-Cola products acceptable)

  • Capital equipment with a cost greater than $1,000 (i.e. furniture)

  • Christmas cards and other similar communications (printing of)

  • Christmas trees (live)

  • Entertainment

  • Fireworks

  • Flowers

  • Food & drink not approved under Food Policy

  • Gifts

  • Hazardous materials

  • Honoraria

  • Meals (see travel and related expenses below)

  • Medicines/prescription drugs/controlled substances

  • Office supplies without prior approval by Purchasing

  • Personal, Professional, Consulting or Social services

  • Registration fees for meetings (see travel and related expenses below)

  • Purchase in excess of $1,000 (individually or in total)

  • Radioactive material

  • Travel and related expenses (use expense account form)

  • Water & Beverages (Dasani & Evian labeled bottled water acceptable)


Sales Taxes Are Not Reimbursable

The University is exempt from state and local taxes for bonafide University purchases authorized by the Purchasing Department. Petty cash purchases represent an expenditure that would otherwise not be taxable with a Purchasing Department approved purchase requisition or purchase order. All petty cash purchases are considered a voluntary decision on the part of the employee. Petty cash reimbursement shall not mean or imply the employee is acting as an authorized agent for the University for future purchases. All sales taxes shown on a bonafide receipt shall not be reimbursed in whole or in part. Employee understands this policy and agrees to its conditions.


Frequency of Submitting Reimbursement Requests

Petty cash purchases should be limited to instances when the urgency of the need does not permit contacting the Purchasing Department or facilitates submission of a purchase requisition.


Timeliness of Submitting Reimbursement Requests

Petty cash purchases are to be submitted for reimbursement within (10) days of the purchase date identified on the receipt. Any reimbursement request received in excess of (30) days of the purchase date or after April 15 of the applicable fiscal year may be denied.


Petty Cash Purchases Up To $50

Will be reimbursed by University check upon transmittal of an approved Supplier Invoice Request and attached receipt(s) along with any applicable support to the Controller's Office.  Receipt(s) must identify items purchased.

Petty Cash Purchases may not be subdivided into two or more Supplier Invoice Requests to facilitate a cash reimbursement. Repeated attempts considered to artificially divide reimbursements for a cash reimbursement by a budget unit will be forwarded to the budget unit's respective Vice President. See petty cash purchases over $50.


Petty Cash Purchases Over $50 & Up To $1,000

Will be reimbursed by University check upon transmittal of an approved Supplier Invoice Request and scanned receipt(s) along with any applicable support to the Controller's Office. Receipt(s) must identify items purchased.

Reimbursement in excess of $50 may take up to a (30) day payables processing time. Budget unit or employee shall not phone, email or visit the Purchasing Department or Controller's Office regarding status of a petty cash reimbursement unless (30) days has elapsed since submission of a complete reimbursement package by the budget unit.


Fiscal Year-End Or Other Funding Deadlines

All petty cash reimbursement requests are subject to Fiscal Year-End Deadline or other funding deadline requirements.


Documentation Required For Reimbursement

  1. Complete Supplier Invoice Request marking the appropriate purchase description. In the Additional Description area include the Name of the Employee to be reimbursed and employee's W number. Complete Amount Approved for Payment, Budget Unit Name(s), Budget Unit Number(s) and Expense Account(s) to be charged, secure appropriate Budget Head approval, and if applicable, the approval of Sponsored Research & Programs.

  2. Scan itemized paid receipt(s) or paid identified invoice(s) to the Supplier Invoice Request.

  3. Submit Supplier Invoice Request with attached receipts or paid invoice for review and processing to Controller for reimbursement.