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Kappa Delta Tau-Rising Star Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by alumni members of the Kappa Delta Tau fraternity to benefit an outstanding sophomore leader and to honor their brotherhood and perpetuate their fraternity name on the Southeastern campus.

James D. and Diana White Karl Endowed First Generation and Superior Graduate Scholarships 
The scholarship was established by Jim Karl to honor his wife, Diana White Karl, a ‘52 graduate in Education.   Diana taught elementary school for many years and was the niece of former Southeastern President, Dr. Gladney Tinsley. Jim retired after 32 years from Conoco-Phillips. The scholarships benefit a first generation student and a student attending graduate school respectively. 

Charmaine Voss Kenelly Endowed Scholarship in Baseball 
The scholarship was established by John Kenelly, a ‘57 graduate in Mathematics and brother of Baseball and Football Coach Pat Kenelly.  It recognizes his wife, Charmaine Voss Kenelly ‘56, who was an elementary education major. The scholarship supports a baseball player.

Dr. John W. Kenelly Endowed Endowed Scholarship in Baseball 
Dr. John Kenelly ‘57 was a retired Professor Emeritus of the Math Department at Clemson University and was named Southeastern Alumnus of the Year in 1994.  He was also a member of the Southeastern Foundation Board of Directors. The scholarship benefits a baseball player.

Mary Cameron Kenelly Endowed Scholarship in Education 
The scholarship was established by Dr. Ken Kennelly ‘75 to honor his wife, Mary Cameron Kenelly ‘81, an education major. This endowment provides tuition assistance to a female student majoring in Education.

Orville A. Kenelly Endowed Scholarship in Baseball 
The scholarship was established by Dr. John Kenelly, a  ‘57 graduate in Mathematics to honor his brother Orville Kenelly ‘64.  Orville received an undergraduate degree in biology from Southeastern and went on to receive a law degree. The scholarship benefits a Southeastern baseball player.

Patrick G. Kenelly Endowed Scholarship for Athletics 
The scholarship was established by his son, Dr. Ken Kennelly ‘75, who played football at Southeastern. Coach Kennelly was named the Southeastern baseball coach in 1951, a position he held until he was named football coach in 1965. He held the  position for seven seasons. The baseball field at Southeastern is named for him.  The scholarship benefits a Southeastern baseball player.

Richard A Kent III Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Criminal Justice 
Richard A. Kent III  ‘71 received a degree in Animal Science and later became a Tangipahoa Parish Deputy Sheriff. In 1985, his life was cut short while working  in the line of duty.  His parents R.A. and Ursula Kent established the scholarship in his memory.

Jimmie Kincaid Senior Citizen Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by Jimmy Kincaid through an estate gift and benefits senior citizens who wish to take classes at Southeastern.  

Dan & Dawn Cantrell King Endowed Scholarship 
Dawn Cantrell ‘84, and her husband Dan King established this scholarship to benefit residents of Tangipahoa parish who are working to put themselves through school and/or require loans to attend college. Dawn has served on the Southeastern Foundation Board of Directors for a number of years and is a former Board Chair. 

John and Mary Costanza King Endowed Scholarship in Marketing 
The scholarship was established  by John King, a former Dean at the College of Business,  to recognize his wife, Mary Costanza King, who was a long time staff member in the College of Business, College of Nursing and in the Purchasing department of the University.  It  provides assistance to a student majoring in Marketing.

Terry and Pamela King Endowment for the Columbia Theatre 
The endowment was created by Terry and Pam to support the Theatre to help provide programming for the Hammond and the surrounding communities.

William F. Kingsmill Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by William Kingsmill ‘76. Bill is a successful real estate investor and developer.  Bill is a longstanding member of the Southeastern Board of Directors and was named the Distinguished Alumnus of the College of Business in 2021.  The scholarship benefits a student majoring in  a discipline of the College of Business.

Stella M. Kinney-Yellow Jacket-Kappa Rho Endowed Scholarship 
Stella Kinney ‘30 was a member of the first women’s fraternal organization established at Southeastern, the Yellow Jackets, which later adopted the Greek name,  Kappa Rho.  The scholarship was established through gifts from Yellow Jacket and Kappa Rho alumni.  It was also funded with gifts made by Stella Kinney’s nephew, Dreux Van Horn. The scholarship benefits a student participating in initiatives sponsored by University Advancement.

Carolyn Furca Kleinpeter Endowed Scholarship in Family and Consumer Sciences 
The scholarship was established by Joseph and Carolyn Furca Kleinpeter ‘66. Carolyn and Joe, who met at Southeastern,  believe in education and established the scholarship out of gratitude for having received scholarships themselves in order to attend college Carolyn was a majorette, a Sig Tau White Rose and wrote a byline for the school newspaper while at Southeastern. 

Jack Knight Scholarship in Chemistry 
The scholarship was established in recognition of Dr. Jack Knight ‘43, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Dean Emeritus of the College of Science and Technology. The Chemistry and Physics Department, former students, family and friends established the scholarship to provide assistance to a student majoring in Chemistry. 

E. P. and Mildred Kuhn Excellence in Liberal Arts Endowed Scholarship 
Judge Jimmy Kuhn ‘68 was a judge for the 21st Judicial District and practiced law for 17 years. In October 1994, he was elected to the First Circuit Court of Appeals until his retirement in 2014. He was also a Political Science instructor at Southeastern from 1993-2010 and served on the Southeastern Foundation Board of Directors. He established the scholarship in memory of his parents, E.P. and Mildred Kuhn to benefit a student, preferably from Ponchatoula, majoring in English, History, Political Science, Communications, Languages, Psychology, Criminal Justice, or Sociology.