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Barbara Tardo Endowed Scholarship in Sculpture 
The scholarship was established in honor of Barbara, Class of ‘60, by her colleagues, close friends, and former students.  Barbara  was a beloved art professor and the first graduate of the university’s art department.  She retired after spending 35 years sharing her unique gifts, talents and knowledge with aspiring young artists. and among the first graduates of Southeastern’s Visual Arts Department.

Chad Tate Endowed Scholarship in Management
At the recommendation of Smitty’s Supply, Inc. Board Dr. Joe Miller, Smitty’s established this scholarship in honor of Smitty’s President and Southeastern class of 1999 Chad Tate. It provides tuition assistance to a student majoring in Management.

Dean Ellienne Tate Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Dr. Tate is Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus of Nursing at Southeastern. She received her B.S. from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, her M.S. from the University of Maryland, and her Ed.D. at Louisiana State University. She devoted her career to educating nurses for over thirty years. Her colleagues established the scholarship in her honor upon her retirement in 1998.  The scholarship supports a student majoring in Nursing

Thomas H. Tedder, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Education & Human Development 
The scholarship was established by Cameron and Marcia Barr to honor the legacy of education of Dr. Tedder.  He was professor Emeritus of Education at Southeastern and founder of the Louisiana Council of Professors of Educational Administration.  has been established to provide financial aid to a Southeastern Student majoring in Education. The scholarship benefits a student majoring in Education.

John Philip Templet Endowed Scholarship 
John Philip Templet first came to Southeastern in 2005 as a member of the McNeese football team after Hurricane Rita devastated the McNeese campus and the McNeese team came to Southeastern to practice for a short time. In 2006,  John transferred  to Southeastern to pursue a degree in kinesiology. He became involved in department  activities  and traveling to campus early one rainy morning was involved in an automobile accident.  The family and friends of John  established the scholarship to perpetuate his memory and the good memories of Southeastern by providing scholarship to support future Southeastern kinesiology majors.

Andre and Annette Theriot Program Endowment for Columbia Theatre 
The endowment is to support entertaining and engaging arts programming for the enjoyment of Hammond citizens and the surrounding communities.

Harvey A. Theriot, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Harvey Theriot ‘58  was a multi-sport Southeastern athlete who later became  an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology at Southeastern.  Harvey  had an indelible impact on his students and colleagues. His widow, Dr. Billie Jean Theriot ‘62, ‘74, a longtime principal of Loranger High School established the scholarship along with family, dear friends and colleagues, in his memory and it supports a Southeastern student in a discipline of Kinesiology and Health Studies .

Coach Andy Thiel Endowed Scholarship in Track 
The scholarship was established by Ron Anderson ‘93 and other friends and former athletes to honor former Southeastern Track Coach, Andy Theil.  The scholarship benefits a student participating in intercollegiate Track.

Allen and Jeannette Thomason Endowed Scholarship in Construction
Jeannette Thomason established this scholarship for a Southeastern student who is at least a sophomore and pursuing a degree in the College of Education.

Allen and Jeannette Thomason Endowed Scholarship in Education 
Jeannette Thomason established this scholarship for a Southeastern student who is at least a sophomore and pursuing a degree in the Construction Engineering Technology Concentration.

Jason Thompson Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by the fraternity brothers, family and friends of Jason Thompson ‘04 with a goal of creating a lasting and meaningful legacy for Jason.  Created in his memory, the scholarship benefits a member of the Sigma Tau Epsilon fraternity.

Sarah Kay Thornhill Endowed Scholarship in Nursing 
The scholarship was established by her husband, John W. Thornhill and colleagues, friends and family at the time of her passing.  Kay was a  long-term faculty member and administrator of the Southeastern School of Nursing.  She was considered a visionary, realizing that advanced education for nurses would improve patient care and advance the profession.  She received the Department Head and Professor Emeritus status posthumously.  The scholarship supports a student majoring in Nursing. 

Julien A. and Doris Evelyn Waller Tillery Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by their children, Faye ‘67, Robert and Carlton.  Julien and Doris Tillery were both graduates of the class of 1940. Doris was involved in many campus organizations and graduated in Business Administration. The scholarship will provide financial support for a student in the College of Business.

Gladney Jack and Maud Hood Tinsley Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by alumni who attended the University at the time Dr. Tinsley was President.  Dr. Tinsley was University President from 1945-1951 and is remembered for his dynamic personality and efforts to guide Southeastern through post-WWII physical and academic growth. the scholarship benefits a Southeastern student exhibiting need.

Audrey and Nicholas Tournillon Endowed Scholarship in Business 
The scholarship was established by Nick Tournillon ‘59.  Nick is a Business Administration graduate with a long career in investments.  He is a long standing member of the Southeastern Foundation Board of Directors.  The scholarship provides financial assistance to a  student who has a background in Economics and/or Finance pursuing an MBA.

Trapp Family Endowed Scholarships 
Fred Trapp ’50 ‘71 served in the Navy during WWII before coming to Southeaster on the GI Bill. Fred became the Student Body President while majoring in Business, later getting an MBA. After graduation, he met Belle, a Southeastern cheerleader and they married. Fred took a job with Shell Norco and years later he became Property Manager and then Head of Maintenance at Southeastern until his retirement in 1984. Fred, a past President of the Alumni Association and Nell raised 5 children at Southeastern. Over the years, Fred endowed 5 scholarships in various disciplines supporting students in Communication and Science Disorders, Education, the Honors program, Football, and for Fifth Year Aid for a student athlete.

Joyce Travis Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics
The scholarship was established by colleagues and friends to honor the former Assistant Professor of Mathematics who served at Southeastern for over 30 years. She also taught advanced math at Oak Forest Academy.  The scholarship provides assistance to a student majoring in Mathematics.

Dr. William L. Travis Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
The scholarship was established in Dr. Travis’s memory by the Tangipahoa Medical Society and Dr. Travis’s wife, Clair Lee Travis Miranne following his untimely passing.   The scholarship  provides support  to a student majoring in Nursing at Southeastern. 

The Mitchell & Marilyn Trepagnier Endowed Scholarship in the Sciences 
The scholarship was established by  Chris M. Trepagnier, John M. Trepagnier, and Adree T. Trepagnier. It recognizes their parents to honor the contributions they made to their success. The scholarship supports students from the River Parishes majoring in math, chemistry, physics,biology or science.

Denise Tullier-Holly Endowed Scholarship in Art Education 
The scholarship was established by Denise Tullier-Holly’s husband, Michael Holly, to recognize Denise ‘01 as the 2007 Elementary Art Educator of the Year. Denise was the art teacher at Southeastern Lab School and actively involved in the National Art Education Association. The scholarship provides financial aid to a student majoring in Art Education. 

Turner Industries Endowed Scholarship in Industrial and Engineering Technology
Turner Industries is a family owned company that builds, maintains and services the nation’s heavy industrial sector by supporting the companies that produce fuel, energy, and products essential to modern life with four divisions: Construction; Maintenance and Turnarounds; Fabrication; and Equipment and Specialty Services. The scholarship supports and Industrial or engineering technology student.

Malissa Turner Endowed Scholarship in Physical Education
Malissa Turner taught phyiscal education at the University for 27 years and retired in 1996. She established this scholarship to continue helping students enrolled in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies' Health and Physical Education K-12 Teacher Education program.

Daniel Andrew Twigg Endowed Scholarship in Humanities
Daniel Twigg (1976-2017) received his Bachelor’s degrees in English and History from Southeastern in 2004. He relocated to Virginia and worked there until his passing. His family and friends endowed a scholarship in his memory to assist a student majoring in the Humanities at Southeastern.  

G.F and Peggy Tycer Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship for a graduate of any  Hammond high school was established by their children, Dwain , Larry and Linda Tycer Whitaker.  GF and Peggy were the founders and owners of Tycer Ready Mix. They also farmed pecans and enjoyed making jelly, candy and pralines. Mr. Tycer was a member of the Masonic Livingston Lodge 160 and former board member of the Lallie Kemp Foundation, Community State Bank and Hancock Bank.