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Joseph Ramspott Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Biology
The scholarship was established by the family and friends of Joseph Ramspott  in his memory. Ramspott, who was preparing to graduate from Southeastern with a Master’s degree in Biology, when he was tragically killed in an accident in the spring of 2004. The scholarship will support a junior or senior in biology.

Charles Redman Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by former Southeastern Foundation Board member and Senior Vice President of Hibernia Bank, Charles Redman.  The scholarship benefits an undergraduate or graduate student participating in the summer abroad program, and who is a resident of the Florida Parishes. 

Reeves Family Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by Paul Reeves ‘43 and his wife Nellie Adams Reeves ‘44.  Paul was a president and chief executive officer of Capital Union Savings Association of Baton Rouge.   The scholarship will provide financial assistance to an outstanding junior or senior Finance major.

Stephen Michael Reid Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established by Stephen’s parents, Ken Reid ‘67 and  Sharon A. Reid ‘67 and Stephen’s  sister, Vickie Reid in Stephen’s memory.  Ken and Sharon are College of Business graduates and the scholarship provides tuition assistance to a student with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The Frederick William Reimers Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Cultural Resource Management
Mr. Reimers was an advocate and pioneer in the reforestation movement. He was a co-founder of the Citizens’ National Bank of Hammond, and served as president and chairman of the board. He and his wife Fay raised funds for the salary of Louisiana’s first paid music teacher in the public schools in Hammond; took part in the establishment of Zemurray Park in Hammond and donated the baseball field known as Reimers Field to this park. He was named Citizen of the Year in Hammond in 1950. The memorial scholarship was established with a gift from the Reimers Timber Department, along with The Warren Trust and The Marietta Trust.  It is for a student who has successfully completed 30 hours and is majoring in History with a concentration in Cultural Resource Management.

Jamie Renton Endowed Scholarship in Performing Arts
Jamie Renton ‘06, who was introduced to Southeastern  by her late husband, former football player, Ray Renton,  earned a degree in General Studies as a non-traditional student.  Jamie has a special interest in the performing arts and endowed a scholarship in Theatre and/or Vocal Performance.

Ray Renton Endowment for the Support of Athletics (Football) 
The endowment was established by Ray Renton, a former Southeastern football player who played from 1967-1970.  The scholarship was established during the return of football to campus in 2003 and it benefits the football program and its athletes.

Ken Ridgedell Memorial Scholarship 
Friends and family established this endowment in memory of longtime Southeastern Director of Career Services and 1989 bachelors and 1992 MBA alumus Ken Ridgedell.  

Riggs Family Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established in 1998 by Dr. Paul Riggs, Sr. along with contributions from family and friends.  Paul is the former Director of Academic Services at the University.  The scholarship benefits a Southeastern student.

John A. Roberts, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Football 
The scholarship was established by the parents of John Roberts, Jr. ‘14 who played football for the Lions.  The scholarship benefits a student playing football from a Louisiana high school. 

Robin Roberts Endowed Scholarship for Women’s Athletics 
The scholarship was established  by alumnus, Lady Lion basketball record holder, and award winning TV journalist, Robin Roberts ‘83.  The recipient must be participating in Women’s Varsity competition. 

Willard and Inez Robertson Endowed Scholarship in Accounting (in honor of Norvel Garrett) 
Willard Robertson ‘39 was a CPA who received his undergraduate degree from Southeastern.  His scholarship, established by a bequest,  provides support to an Accounting major who is a native of Hammond, Louisiana, and is involved in Business- related organizations. 

Duke Robin Endowed Scholarship in Athletics (Football) 
The scholarship was established by August “Duke” Robin and supports a Southeastern football player. Duke had been a high school standout athlete and had been recruited by Southeastern to play football.  When football returned to campus in 2003, he wholeheartedly supported its return by establishing the scholarship.

Charles and Vicky Robinson Program Endowment for Columbia Theatre 
The fund supports programming for the Columbia Theatre to be enjoyed by the citizens of Hammond and the surrounding communities.  Former residents of New Orleans, Charlie and Vicky  are  excited to be able to enjoy superior artistic programming without travel.

Betty M. Rogers ‘82 Endowed Scholarship
Betty M. Rogers graduated from Southeastern in 1982 with a Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Elementary Reading. The sons of Mrs. Rogers (Rich and Brian) established this scholarship in their Mother’s memory. Betty’s desired legacy is to help future generations of Southeastern students who are pursuing a Masters Degree, primarily in, Education, Special Education, or Communication Sciences and Disorders.  

Andree and Sidney Rosenblum Endowed Scholarship in Business 
The scholarship was established by Sidney and Andre Rosenblum, owners of Rosenblum’s Department Store and civic leaders and philanthropists in Hammond.  Their scholarship will provide financial assistance to a deserving student majoring in Business. 

Helen Ricketts Hooks Rownd Endowment 
The endowment was established by Helen Ricketts Hooks Rownd ‘41. Helen was a teacher at Hammond High School for 25 years.  She was a remarkable woman and pioneering pilot. Helen was an elite member of the Women AirForce Service Pilots of WWII.  In March, 2010, the 111th Congress awarded Helen the Congressional Gold Medal.  The endowment supports the Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies on Southeastern’s campus.       

Tom Ruffin Family Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarship was established with contributions from Tom Ruffin, a Vice President/Financial Consultant with Shearson Lehman Brothers who served on the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Foundation in the late 1990’s. The scholarship benefits a Southeastern student.

Walter L. Russell Scholarship 
Dr. Russell was a former head of  Southeastern’s Physical Education Department. His friends and family endowed the scholarship in his memory to provide assistance to a student majoring in a discipline offered in the Department of Kinesiology. 

Thelma McNamara Nicaud Ryan Endowed Scholarship 
The scholarships were established in Thelma,”Mac” Ryan’s memory  by her husband, Seth Ryan ‘53.  Thelma was always disappointed that she was unable to attend college. Seth always felt that his education at Southeastern was a key to his ability to be a successful investor.  Remembering his wife with an estate gift, the scholarships he established with his gift  benefits women majoring in disciplines in the College of Business, College of Science and College of Nursing.