Southeastern is committed to conserving resources and reducing the impact we have on the environment. We are making our campus greener by encouraging recycling on campus, using alternative fuel and energy sources, and constructing a dedicated sustainability center, among other initiatives.


We reduced the number of dumpsters on campus by 20 percent thanks to new recycling bins that accept paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, steel and tin.  More about our recycling program »


Solar Panels

We use solar-thermal panels to harness the sun's power and reduce our reliance on the energy grid. By measuring their energy output, we've learned that many of the systems will pay for themselves in as little as five years. Funded through the Student Technology Fee, these are also used for student education.  More about our solar panels »


Sustainability Center

A state-of-the-art sustainability center is under construction. When completed, it will serve as a hub for all of our green efforts and as an educational facility for renewable energy, recycling and waste reduction, plant biology and other technologies. More about our sustainability center »


Shortened Workweek

Southeastern shortened its workweek to four and one-half days during the fall and spring semesters and four days during the summer. The four-day schedule allows the university to save approximately one-quarter of million dollars in utility expenses over a four-month period each year.


Energy Management System

Physical Plant staff can simultaneously view and control the HVAC performance in most buildings on Southeastern's main campus, reducing energy consumption and generating significant savings. The online system displays the control system, energy use and savings so that staff, students and visitors can observe the system's benefits first-hand.