The Center for Student Excellence


Welcome to the Center for Student Excellence! Our Center offers many support programs designed to help students succeed in college and provides advising for all incoming freshmen for their first two semesters or until they complete 30 credit hours, whichever comes first.

During their first semester, students meet with their CSE Advisors to

  1. Discuss their academic and career goals

  2. Create a study plan to help them achieve their goals

  3. Discuss potential obstacles and address any questions or concerns

  4. Complete an academic map

  5. Complete an at-risk assessment and follow through on prescribed actions as needed

  6. Explore career possibilities as appropriate

  7. Complete course advising for the following semester.


Students who are exploring college majors, occupational opportunities, or need learning assistance in their classes are our primary concerns. In addition to a highly qualified staff, the Center houses space for small group tutoring.


We believe you are here for two very important reasons

  1. To learn how to be a successful Southeastern Student

  2. To explore future career possibilities


Our staff of professionals will work with you to achieve both of these goals, through personalized, individual attention. Your success is our success.