Student List


Christel Karam, New approach of hardening the cloud's security, 2017


Sarah Robert, Introduction of unique steganography approach in private cloud platform, 2017


Hao Luo, Vertical axis wind turbine with deflection panels: comsol 2D simulation of a single panel, 2017


Jonathan Wade Kinchen, Design and build of spin coating machine to test thin films for blisters using laser interferometry, 2016


Kirsten Domonique Jones, Multifaceted spectral analysis of acetyl-acetonate ligands of transition metals and lanthanide series, 2016


Soni Shrestha, An implementation of virtual reality in nursing simulation scenarios 2016


Khadijah Abdrabalnabi Almashad, Geometrical optics approach to modelling vision in semi-aquatic snakes 2016


Amanda Saladino Gemar, Framework for analysis of knee joint sound signals and muscle strength for non-invasive early detection of knee joint conditions, 2015


Yuanyuan Liu, Research of data mining on social website, 2015


Lili Xu, Semantic based human activity recognition and representation, 2105


Zenaida Enid Solero, Synthesis and characterization of alkoxysilane derivatives as potential sizing agents for the paper industry, 2015


Xin Zhong, A neural network speech tagger based on rough set attribute reduction, 2014


Miao Cao, Research and implementation of integrated parking lot monitoring system, 2014


Yonggang Zhang, Applying a lorentz-like metric in linear regression analysis, 2013


Kathryn Brooke Segalla, Implementation of Principal Component Analysis using S-Plus, 2013


Haleluyah Mussie Tesfasion, Geographical inference from twitter, 2012


Matthew Wade Gill, Analysis of cyber bullying through programmatic classification and clustering using machine learning, 2012


Shanshan Xiang, Surface characterization of industrial polymers, using atomic force microscopy, 2012


Robert Esmond Devun III, Nonequivalent substitutions of polychlorinated biphenyls and polyphenyl chains derived using Burnside's Lemma, 2012


Yi Ying, Kinetic characterization of human IMPDH II inhibitors, 2012


Yihao Li, The K-MM clustering algorithm based on K-means and K-medoids in data mining, 2011


Han Zhu, Analysis and numerical study of Ricker model, 2011


Rui Wang, Kinetic characterization of bacterial IMPDH inhibitors, 2011


Xialu Wei, Evaluation of the efficiency of evacuated tube solar thermal collector based on finite element analysis, 2010


Yao Jin, Purification and photophysical properties study of isomeric C84 fullerenes, 2010