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Awards of Recognition

00-39       May Not Purchase Gifts for Retiring Employees
95-210     Limits To Employee Recognition Program
92-737     Plaques OK, But Not Gift Certificates and Savings Bonds
91-589(A) May Not Use Funds for Gift Certificates or Parties
89-673     Merit for Services Not Ordinarily Expected or Required
85-700     May Not Give Saving Bonds as Incentives for Safe Driving
83-940A   Merit Awards for Unusual and Meritorious Reasons
80-1052   Safety Awards to Employees Cannot Be Remunerative
76-1766   Prohibits Payment to Employee as Award for Incentive


Cable Television Services

85-0763   Cable Television Services


Food and Beverage Expenditures

03-0387   Breakfast for Retirees / Christmas Gumbo

92-737     Christmas Parties / Lunches for Volunteers

91-589-A Fund Christmas Parties Out of Public Funds

98-14       Purchase of Candy to be given on parade route



04-0005  Using Federal Funds to Pay Chamber of Commerce Dues

96-195    Using Self-Generated Funds to Pay Dues in Local Organizations

95-439    Prohibits Expenditures for Memberships in Organizations

92-204    Prohibits Purchase of Membership in Chamber of Commerce

89-602    Prohibits Paying Membership Dues to Local Chamber of Commerce

79-502    Prohibits Payment of Dues and Meals in Local Social Organizations

77-472    Prohibits Payment of Membership Fees to Rotary Club


Multiyear Contracts

Revised Statute 39:1615.D

00-0085  Meeting All Requirements

99-0333  Nonexclusive Requirement

88-0467  Promoting University Activities

86-0066  Questions on Lease/Donation of Scoreboard

84-0503  Accepting Gift of Marquee


Photographic Services at Graduation Exercises

00-0225  Photographic Services at Graduation Exercises


Public Works

04-0079  New Construction w/Employees & Contractor Licensing Law

04-0030  Negotiate A "Public Work" Up To "Contract Limit"

03-0263  Additive Change Order To Existing Public Work Contract

95-0028  Post Bid Change Order to Reduce Bid within Budget

93-0118  All Bids Received in Excess of Budgeted Amount


Vending Machines & Cafeteria Services

89-0132  Vending Machines & Cafeteria Services


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