Southeastern welcomes students back for the start of classes this week while we continue to keep all faculty, staff and students who are not yet able to make it to campus in our thoughts as the region works to recover from devastating flooding.
We attempted to reach ALL our students in recent days, but we realize communication has been difficult, if not impossible for some. If you are just now able to see this message, please contact so we can have a better understanding of your status and work with you so you can attain your educational goals.


Opinions of the Attorney General

This page is for informational purposes only. Opinions of the Attorney General are advisory only; they do not have the force and effect of the law; and they are limited to the facts presented by the official or officials requesting the opinion. Further, the opinions may be changed or recalled due to subsequent court decisions and/or legislative enactments. As the chief legal officer of the State, the Attorney General is responsible for rendering opinions to governmental entities and officers only, and not to private individuals.

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Public Work Opinions:

04-0079 Agency Use of Employees to Construct Improvements & Licensing Law

04-0030 Agency Right to Negotiate Contract Up to the Contract Limit

04-0030A Clarify Agency Right to Negotiate Contract Up to the Contract Limit

03-0263 Agency Ability to Execute Change Order to Orignal Bid

00-0435 Issuance of Incentive for Early Completion of Construcion Work

97-0356 Prerequisite of Mandated Attendance by Bidders at a Pre-Bid Conference

95-0028 Agency May Issue Post Bid Change Order to Reduce Bid within Budget

93-0633 Apparent Bid Irregularities & Right to Reject Public Work Bids

93-0150 Application of Public Bid Law and Division of a Public Work

93-0118 Agency Ability to Issue Change Order When All Bids Exceed Budgeted Amount

92-0670 Public Entity Dividing Materials in Fiscal Year into Separate Purchases

Other Opinions:

08-0089 Furnishing Meals at LCTCS Sponsored Functions and Activities

03-0387 University Cannot Expend Funds on Retirees, Spouses of Faculty & Employees

01-0040 Circumstances a University Can Loan or Advance Funds to a Foundation, etc.

00-0225 Photographic Services at College & University Graduation Ceremonies

98-0014 Legality of Sponsoring Christmas Parade Float and Buying Candy to Throw

97-0385 Location of Restaurant on State University Campus

97-0356 Prerequisite of Mandated Attendance by Bidders at a Pre-Bid Conference

89-0570 Reject Lowest Bid for Non-Compliance with Specifications Published

89-0132 Contracts for Vending Services & Cafeteria Services on University Campuses

88-0218 Purchases of Equipment and Supplies Cannot be Separated to Avoid Public Bid

85-0763 Contract for Cable Television Services Not Subject To Public Bid Requirements

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