About Student Government

SGA Group

Purpose of the Student Government Association

The members of the Student Government Association are dedicated to: staying aware of the general welfare of the student body; serving as a channel of communication between the student body, faculty and administration; establishing and executing programs and projects beneficial to the student body, and promoting and improving relations between the local community and the student body.


 Executive Officers

Every spring semester the student body elects three Executive Officers. Each Executive Officer is over a branch of SGA. The President oversees the Executive Branch, the Vice President oversees the Legislative Branch, and the Chief Justice oversees the Justice Branch. The 2019-2020 Student Government Association Executive Officers are:

President - Karley Bordelon

Vice President - L'Oreal Williams

Chief Justice - Leah Cross


 SGA Advisors

Legislative Branch Advisor


Marjorie Parker (Marjorie.Parker@southeastern.edu

Coordinator, Multicultural & International Student Affairs

Judicial Branch Advisor


Zachary Rogers (Zachary.Rogers-2@southeastern.edu)

Coordinator, Leadership & Service


Student Government Association Resources and Programs

Office Services

Located within the Office for Student Engagement, Student Union Room 2307, SGA offers free Scantrons, BlueBooks, Pens, Pencils, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, water, and fax use. 


Every year the SGA Senate allocates money to fund scholarships for students enrolled in the Study Abroad Program. Along with the Study Abroad Scholarships, SGA also offers an endowed scholarship in every academic college.

Travel Grants

Students can apply for grants each year to help assist in funding for educational conferences and conventions.

Departmental Grants

Departments can apply for grants each academic year to assist in funding for educational projects, programs, or events that will enhance the image of the university or benefit the student body.

*Any questions regarding either type of grant can be addressed on our grant page, check it out here!

Capital Outlay

The Student Government Association provides funds for campus beautification and renovation projects to better our campus community.

Campus Programs and Events

The Student Government Association sponsors programs and events such as Homecoming, The Big Event, voter registration events, speakers, athletic partnerships, and many other campus events.

Lion 2 Lion Mentorship Program

The Lion 2 Lion Mentorship Program is a perfect entry into SGA. The mission of "Lion 2 Lion" is  for current SGA senators, Cabinet Members, Justices, and other SGA leaders to mentor and prepare beginning freshmen and transfer students that are interested in SGA. First-year students will have the opportunity to get introduced and take on leadership roles, learn about our university, and develop skills and connections that will make their experience at Southeastern Louisiana University worth-while.