Incident and Claim Procedures

All incidents must be reported to the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Office within 24 hours of the incident.  All associated documentation must be submitted to the EHS Office within 5 days.

Employee Incidents
If an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job, a report must immediately be filed with the employee’s immediate supervisor or department head and with the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office must be notified immediately following any incidents.

In all cases that are true emergencies (life or limb threatening) the most important issue to remember is to get the employee immediate medical care by: 

  • Call University Police (985) 549-2222. Southeastern Police Officers are certified in initial first aid and CPR.
  • Then call Human Resources Office (985) 549-2001 for additional instructions and information.

Complete the Incident Report Form as soon as possible.  Questions regarding Worker’s Compensation should be directed to the Human Resources Office. 

Claims for damages to University property, theft, vandalism or other incidents

  • Report to University Police (985) 549-2222.
  • Obtain all personal information pertaining to incident.
  • Obtain names, current address and phone number of witnesses. If students are involved, please also obtain parents’ home address and phone number.
  • Contact Environmental Health & Safety - (985) 549-2157. The Director will instruct you as to what is needed and will file all appropriate paperwork.

Automobile Incident while on University related business
If you are involved in an automobile incident while on University related business, you must do the following:

  • If there is only glass damage to vehicle, complete the Glass Breakage Form (Form DA 2073)
  • Complete the Automobile Incident Report Form (Form DA 2041)
  • Obtain a letter signed by your supervisor stating you were on University business at the time of the incident.
    This can be an email from your supervisor.
  • Provide a copy of:    
        Your driver’s license
        Police report from the police department in the city where you had the incident
        Three (3) estimates for repairs
        Proof of personal vehicle insurance
        If you were in a rental vehicle, a copy of the rental contract


Fire, Extended Coverage and Theft Insurance
The University's insurance policies for losses from fire, windstorm, and theft do not cover personal property of employees. If an employee desires coverage for personal property in his/her office, arrangements should be made through his/her insurance agent.

For more information, contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office at (985) 549-2157.