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The Department of Teaching and Learning provides challenging field experiences, first-of-its-kind training and other student resources to ensure academic and professional success.


Undergraduate Coordinator:
Mrs. Amy Prats. Amy.Prats@southeastern.edu

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Graduate Coordinator:
Dr. Susan Zimlich  Susan.zimlich@southeastern.edu 

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Scholarships & Financial Aid


Professional Development

Dr. Melanie Lemoine | Teacher Development Center

Fall PD Offerings

Teacher Development Center

Dr. Melanie Lemoine | Teacher Development Center

Teacher candidates who exhibit difficulties in areas such as planning, teaching, management, and professionalism may be referred (faculty referral or self-referral) to Teacher Development Center for assistance; each type of referral should be emailed to Dr. Melanie Lemoine. One of the many purposes of Teacher Development Center is to provide Aspiring Teachers with a course of action that can help them achieve their goal of becoming a competent and effective educator. The Teacher Development Center also consists of a lab (TEC 239), which houses Praxis study materials and a variety of other resources. 

Clinical Practice

 Mrs. Jordan Ahrend | Director
Office of Teacher Clinical Practice & Residency

Clinical Practice includes all Residents as well as Interns at a school site.  For more information regarding Interns, please contact:
Dr. Susan Zimlich | Graduate Coordinator

 International Baccalaureate (IB)

Dr. Cherissa Vitter | International Baccalaureate (IB) Educator Certificate in Teaching and Learning: Primary Years Programme (PYP)
cherissa.vitter@southeastern.edu | 985-789-6182

The department offers courses leading to the IB Educator Certificate in Teaching and Learning: PYP. Eligible students must take the following courses in addition to completing Teacher Candidate Residency at an IB World School: IB 405, IB 415, IB 425, IB 435. For information about eligibility and requirements, please contact the Department Head.

After successful completion of courses leading to the IB Educator Certificate in Teaching and Learning, candidates may apply for their level of certification through the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Application and Inquiries

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Honors College

Dr. Claire Procopio | Director
Honors Program | Student Union, Suite 1303 | 985-549-2135

The Honors Program at Southeastern Louisiana University is designed to provide participants with an excellent educational opportunity to learn about not only their chosen major, but also to learn the nature of intellectual inquiry and to study the important issues of our time and of all time. Honors students benefit from interaction with a community of peer scholars who are equally interested in achieving the most in their college careers. Additionally, under the direction and mentoring of a faculty member, Honors students culminate their college career with a significant research experience or artistic endeavor during their senior year.  Departmental honors courses are open to outstanding junior and senior students in their majors.



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