Teaching and Learning


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Undergraduate Coordinator and Graduate Coordinator Contacts:

For Virtual or Face-to-Face appointments with the Undergraduate Coordinator or Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Teaching and Learning, please contact them directly for advising or more information specific for your program. 

Undergraduate Coordinator:

Mrs. Amy Prats | Amy.Prats@selu.edu

Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Ellen Caillouet | lindsey.caillouet-2@selu.edu


Teaching and Learning

The Department of Teaching and Learning offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, alternative certification and add-on certification. Here you will find learning opportunities and faculty to support, challenge and facilitate your knowledge, teaching performance and dispositions to prepare young people to be college- or career-ready.

We provide innovative curricula, guided field experiences, service-learning opportunities and quality supervision within an apprenticeship model. Our undergraduate degrees result in state certification, while our graduate degrees enhance professional learning and career choices. Our comprehensive teacher preparation programs ensure that our graduates are highly recruited by area school districts.




  • Southeastern Radically Improving Teacher Training
  • Innovative programs such as the Apprenticeship Program in St. Charles Parish and the 2016-2017 Residency Pilot, a two-semester student teaching experience, in Ascension Parish and Tangipahoa schools

  • Collaborative partnerships with more than 300 schools/districts and agencies provide teacher candidates with diverse learning opportunities

  • Outstanding faculty provide supportive feedback and mentoring

  • Signature events in each program provide real-world experiences for our candidates

  • Resources shared with the community include:

  • Teacher Development Program provides a range of professional learning opportunities to encourage life-long learning and respect for diverse backgroundsBe a Teacher




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